The convenience of a red wine and fish allergy

The convenience of a wine and fish allergy

Let me start off by stating allergies suck. Allergies can be deadly. I carry an epi-pen just in case my throat swells up and I can’t breath. I carry an epi-pen with the hope someone would use if needed.  That is a big chance I am taking. Going out for dinner means I may be putting my life in other people’s hands.   I try to be careful and let every wait staff know about my shellfish allergy. Sometimes, though, a chef here or there sprinkles some fish paste, sauce or flakes.  It happened to me in New Orleans. I still love that city.  I suppose I am a bit of a masochist.

Now there are many reasons to be down about allergies.  I want to be on a path of upliftment. Wait, is that even a word. Oh Mimi. Now that I am done making up words life every other millennial (I kid…shake my head, lol) let me get to the positive aspects of having an allergy.

First off, I far prefer cocktails to wine. I far prefer white wine to red wine.  Sometimes I find myself in company that believe that cocktails are a sign of bad taste or heading towards alcoholism.  Their upturned noses just means they are party poopers. Sadly, I must at times be with such individuals. Luckily for me, I have developed in the past three or four years, an allergy to red wine.  It is as if I rubbed some genie’s belly or something (perhaps lamp?).  I drink red wine and the next day I have a sinus infection. Voila! Thus, I now happily tell those at the lunch meeting “sorry, for health reasons I need to drink a cocktail.”  They wince. I joke. I actually do refrain from red wine and note that I must have a different type of alcoholic beverage. It works out beautifully in that at times I have a white wine bottle all to my self or I get to enjoy a refreshing daiquiri or two.

Second, well, the shell fish allergy is actually a real pain. In particular, it haunts me on my travels.  So many places use shrimp paste or crab flakes in their dishes. Even smelling shrimp sets me off. I once had a spoonful of someone’s corn soup and started to swell up because they wee also eating shrimp. Yikes. Anyway, there is one positive to my allergy. See, I am very greedy. I love food. I work out like a maniac so that I can eat what I want (barring allergies, of course).  Because of my allergy two things tend to happen at restaurant tables: (1) I get to eat a lot of the plates by myself without having to share; and (2) when we do share we get to order all my favorite stuff. Win/win my friends. Win/win.

Got to maintain a positive outlook on life!

Although,  admittedly I still keep an eye on my epi-pen.



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  1. Never really thought of allergies as a good thing. Though I do escape judgement for my dislike of cats when I explain I’m allergic. I’m just glad I don’t have any food allergies, especially the shellfish it’s one of my faves.


  2. I am not so happy yet about my allergies…I actually prefer red wine, but have realized that it can give me migraines. On the positive side, I’ve realized how to temper it with Spain’s recipe for tinto de verano…if I “water it down” with a bit of lemon juice, we’re both happy.
    Thanks for the positive spin on your own troubles! I must admit to preferring cocktails with most meals, so maybe I should use the migraine excuse in those contexts…


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