The emotional spigot

The emotional spigot

@Madison Woods

@Madison Woods

Living life with an emotional spigot can be hard at times.

You can keep the faucet shut and allow emotional drips here and there.

Then occasionally you need to widely open that faucet so that the emotions can flood out and not swell up one’s heart and head.

Sometimes you just want to hear the faucet running as it may soothe the soul.

The clock says 4am and you turn the faucet hoping you can finally catch some sleep.

Elusive sleep turns the faucet handle even wider.

Tap the faucet and go to sleep or be wide awake.

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  1. Truth on a subject, me like

    Rivers of emotion
    Rapids of pain
    The calm swells of commotion
    A wave of love to rock the boat
    All void by repression
    Until someone enters the dead ocean
    And teaches you how to sail


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