To be Pink is to Be Divine: Sorry New York

To be Pink is to be Divine


Growing up in New York, I loved the color black. We wear black clothing day and night with a bit of spruced up highlights here and there. We wear black so often, here are about twenty different shades of black clothing. In part it is to showcase our dark humor and take on life. In other ways, it is to hide to dirt and grime of city life. I mean, why would you wear white if your stand a great chance of getting it dirty within two minutes of walking outside your door?

Go into my closet and you will find about 20 black dresses and about 100 pairs of black shoes. However, you will also find about 100 odd pieces containing the color pink. I have learned to find power and put out confidence in the color pink. I grew up thinking I didn’t want to be a “girly girl.” I thought the color pink was the enemy. I wanted to be a strong female so I shunned that color for a long time. Then one day I saw its beauty. Might have been a bird or a flamingo. Or a beautiful pink house in Miami.


I started wearing pink and finding pink everywhere I looked.



I am so enamored of pink, that my staff got me a pink taser. And what a thing of beauty it is.


I now having a matching pink handbag that is glorious and small.


I marvel at the cute pink beaks of the birds in the trees.


I am a die-hard New Yorker. Always will be. But, I have learned it is ok to not always wear black. I will drink to pink.


Enjoy a splash or two of pink!

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