John Waters from Wacky to Mainstream could be My Biographer

John Waters from wacky to mainstream could be my biographer

I grew up in the South Bronx where I witnessed death, mayhem and despair. I also saw young kids take paths that led them out of such a situation. When I first left my neighborhood to go to boarding hundreds of miles up north, I did not know what to expect. I just knew I wanted a way out.

When I arrived at boarding school I was a mystery to many. I was not from any well-to-do family. I was not White. I was not Black. My musical tastes and exposure were odd. I eventually found my group, my niche, and my clique. Whenever I went back home, I received a “parade.”  Well, that is putting it nicely. It would be a group of people who would actually line up to look at me and see the “weird” girl who dared to go away.

While I have managed to succeed and climb corporate and social ladders, I have always been a little kooky. My sense of humor is dark and my wit (and subsequent banter) is quick. Perhaps that is why I love screwball comedies. My favorite being “Bringing up Baby” where Katharine Hepburn and Cary Grant have a deliciously rapid-fire movie-long banter as they try to find a leopard named Baby. Sometimes, at work, I feel I am in the middle of that movie.

As a result, if I were able to pick a biographer for my book and eventual movie titled “Well, that … happened”, I would pick John Waters. He is known for being wacky with a pencil-thin mustache. He is also part of what some have called the Cinema of Transgression that tends to use shock and awe (odd humor). Yup, my life would fall under that for sure. In Water’s movie “Pecker” there is a scene where the little girl eats sugar right out of the bag. That is me. The movie “Serial Mom”-had a brilliant first hour that was hilarious. I must confess, that in general, I am entertained the first hour of John Waters’ films. Thus, I may need another biographer for my ending. Perhaps, that should just be left to me. As I have learned you should never let anyone else write and tell your story.  You are the master of your life.


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