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My Birthday Haiku

My Birthday Haiku

Gloat, no rain today

Craving pies, open roads, dotes

Sonshine feeds my soul

puppy butt

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  1. Happy Birthday…I was trying to read the clues, is it your son’s birthday (sonshine), the doggie, or yours?
    I hope it’s a wonderful day, birthday or not.
    Loved the haiku. 🙂


  2. Spent this last weekend (Mother’s Day) with my kids, spouse and mom. Since we’re all so geographically dispersed, any day that I get to be in the physical presence of my immediate family is Mother’s Day for me. BTW, I will now try to view my birthday as a gift from my mom (and late dad), as you do. Thanks for changing my perspective on birthday “celebration” and observance. This day for me was really just like any other day, especially since I am physically far away from most of my family and friends.


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