Life is one series of colors and need not be blue all the time

Life is one series of colors and need not be blue all the time

A Monday need not be blue. Yes, it is the start of another workweek. For some it is just the continuation of a long series of work weeks. However, Monday’s can be exciting and new. Oh wait, I believe that is bit from the “Love Boat” theme song. Geez, how id that pop into my head. Talk about old school. Whew! Moving on.

Colors, vibrant and intoxicating colors are all around us just like nature. Jimmy Fallon doing a stint on Sesame Street as Wild Nature Survivor guy reminded us all, both kids and adults, alike our world is both complicated and simple. We need not hike to the top of some mountain to find nature. Our everyday lives are filled with nature if we just stop for a second to look around.


Similarly, so are colors across the spectrum. We can find fiery reds to jazz us up and rich greens to make us feel nostalgic about some random time in our past. We can come across rusted colored items that make us wonder as to their state of being taking us away from ours for a second or two.

mono_red truckEven a rusty color can pepper things up.


Feeling a bit down this Monday?  Do as Wild Nature Survivor Guy does and find some other colors in our environment to lift you up.


If all else fails get a colorful cocktail to brighten up your day

mono_cocktailmono_bar chairs

For those of us in San Francisco the rainy day we just had might have put a bit of a damper on Easter but it did signal that perhaps we might be able to get through this drought.


Onwards to a lovely Monday and week ahead

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  1. Hi Mimi,
    It looks like it’s rained right around the world this Easter. We had terrible weather Friday and Saturday but then glorious sunshine yesterday for Easter Sunday. I’ve been enjoying going out on the kayak at Palm Beach in between showers.
    Today, was a Public Holiday in Australia but my husband is back to the grind tomorrow morning. The kids will be on holidays for the next two weeks, which is likely to mean I am not. Fortunately, they entertain themselves down on the mudflats with the boys next door undertaking extensive engineering works. One of the boys next door has already appointed himself to management. He was the Project Manager and was sitting down giving directions while the other boys did the digging. His little brother wasn’t impressed.
    Hope you’ve had a great Easter.
    xx Rowena


      • The holiday continues. We’re here for two weeks. The weather is very contrary and it’s like someone going through their entire wardrobe trying to find something to wear: sun, rain wind and even all of the above. Despite all of that my daughter, went for a swim in the pool in her wetsuit and managed to stand up on the surfboard, which was a proud achievement. It could have been because she’d frozen into an ice sculpture!


  2. [Typo: 1st paragraph- 6th sentence] Normally, I wouldn’t go out of my way to point out a typo here or there, but this is pretty funny. You (and I both) live in the world of psychology, so- it’s a safe bet to say that it seldom leaves our world- even if we try to leave IT. Knowing that, when I saw your typo (it’s supposed to be the word “did” but instead, reads, “id”), I was naturally trying to work the id in there regarding what you were saying. Ha. Yeah…I need a break. ;0)

    And while I quit drinking (for the most part) a decade ago, that cocktail looks pretty darn good! ( I really do miss drinking. I sort of just fell out of love with it one day. That turned to months which turned to years, etc.)

    And I don’t know if it’s associative or perhaps just post-suggestive (no pun intended) but I really do feel happier just by looking at the shot of greenery up there! It’s funny what a small injection of colour can do for the heart. :0)


    • lol. Yes, probably some psychological subtext to my typo or I was just crazed when writing 🙂 . thanks for the catch. I do like my pretty cocktails and colors to spruce up the day. How are you doing?


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