Don’t gag while I eat and I will stand the smell of Brussels Sprouts

Don’t gag while I eat and I will stand the smell of Brussels Sprouts

Friendships historically form because of proximity, shared interests and height. Yes, height. You know it’s true. Another key variable in the formation of friendships is that of food. When you go out to eat, it would be rather unpleasant to be hanging out with someone who barely eats while you chow down on a steak. I get great joy out of my meals and to see someone so disgusted by food really throws me off.

I have started friendships with individuals who seemed cool and empathic. Then I go on to feel crestfallen when I realize that they do no enjoy food. They sit across cutting into their food just moving it about. They may be a great conversationalist yet that lack of eating is a bit discomforting. I can’t help but wonder what they are thinking while I thoroughly enjoy my meal and savor each bite. I once went out to lunch with someone who looked like he was gagging at the restaurant table.

I know that in some cases it is because they are on a weird diet of sorts. I understand dieting and have nothing against that. I’m talking more about those that have no desire to have a relationship with food yet insist on going out to eat. What is that self-imposed torture about? When I sit across such individuals I can’t help but feel judged.

For me besides enjoying a good meal a love of cheese is essential. If I were to ask someone what was their favorite cheese and they answered “yellow” or “none” I would wonder about them. There are not that many western meals that couldn’t benefit from a dose of cheese.

Anyway, as I sit here being a tad bit judgmental I do realize that there is one food item that I prefer to not see on a plate across from me. The other night, on a business trip, a colleague ordered Brussels Sprouts. My stomach turned over about 100 times right as they placed it on the table.  I hate Brussels Sprouts. I am outright disgusted by them. The smell, the look and the texture just created a tinge of bile in my throat.  I quickly turned away from the sprouts. However, I then realized I should show slightly better manners. They are, after all, supposedly good for the body.   They are high in all sorts of vitamins and may provide some protection against cancer as well. In order to keep my disgust at bay, I imagined them soaked in cheese and roasted with some garlic. They can’t be so bad then, right?

So, at our next dinner outing I will just imagine cheese over all food bits and all will be good with the world.

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  1. Roasted with olive oil and garlic, then topped with some fresh green onion and crumbled bacon–they’re yummy! I do understand that they can be as repulsive, to some, as the smell of liver is to me.
    Are you getting around well with the storm?


  2. Haha! Oh I agree! I have few friends much taller or shorter than I, and I am a serious foodie!
    I even love Brussel sprouts 😛
    Is there life without cheese? Surely no one would choose such a life..must surely be allergies…


  3. Brussels sprouts is one of my favorite cooked vegetables and yes, it’s very good with a cheesy sauce as well. I also like them roasted, as disappearingwoman described. I even like beets, lima beans, and hominy. I’m probably the least picky person I know. One thing I do not like: mushrooms. But cheese? Yes, bring it on! Never met a cheese I didn’t like.


    • Wow. You really eat an assortment of foods that are on many people’s “no-try” list 🙂 i only eat mushrooms as either an italian sauce or in japanese teriyaki sauce dishes. Its like how i prefer thai carrots cause they are usually sweet. Brussels sprouts are nowhere near being my favorites. Lol

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  4. This discussion is making my salivary glands work overtime! Food (and eating out) is the all-time favorite conversation topic here in South Florida. No matter what the topic of conversation to start, it always ends up about food. BTW, Brussel sprouts are very healthy, as commented earlier. I can’t remember the last time I had them – perhaps years ago when my Bob made them.. They weren’t a favorite, for sure; however, I’ve had the baby sprouts sauteed in EVOO and GARLIC. Now, that was good. I will eat a great variety of foods, and enjoy eating with people who also enjoy their food. As for mushrooms, lots of people don’t like their consistency. They say it’s like chewing rubber. Fresh mushrooms, cut up in a salad, are really nice. They add an earthy (lots of people don’t like “earthy”), flavor and some bulk. Have you had fresh mushrooms sauteed in olive oil, garlic and butter? THE BEST. Bon appetit, Mimi.


  5. Brussell Sprouts. I love most foods but these little suckers bring me undone.
    When my son was about 6, we had a ‘Sprout off’ whereby the 2 participants ( my son and myself) had to eat the little devils until one of us dropped.
    Needless to say children are so damn competitive these days that I went down.
    Yeah! Hard to imagine people not excited by foods. B


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