The best expression is at times that which the photograph leaves to your imagination

The best expression is at times that which the photograph leaves to your imagination

My son is a lucky boy in that he has had the opportunity to travel to many lands throughout the world. I am a lucky mom in that I will be able to remember his expressions of glee in all these different places. As a young kid, he will not remember these trips necessarily. And what he does remember makes me giddy at times. He remembers and loves the “dome” [The Reichstag] in Berlin.  He remembers the bananas in Curacao. He remembers the bullet train in Japan. He remembers turning five years old on a “hotel boat” [cruise].

All throughout these trips, he has experienced moments of pure delight. Only once did he throw a horrifically bad temper tantrum and that is in the Caymans. Many of those grand moments of expressed delight and wonder were captured on camera.


and this one….

IMG_4614_vie3_belvedere luka at water fountainand even moments when he was serious


and just outright mirth

SONY DSCHowever, there are moments that are best not completely captured on camera. It is an ever-lasting moment of delight when you get to imagine what that expression may have been.

luka facing bear

In this photo, you can’t see his expression and the bear has no expression.  It is all left to the future imagination and one’s unhindered recollection of that moment in time.  I imagine his crookedly delicious smile wondering what this bear is all about.  I sit here and wonder the same.

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  1. I smiled throughout your post as my daughter and I have the same travel experiences. So many countries, so many experiences, and no one can take away those moments or those hundreds of smiles


  2. Your son is quite adorable! I have wanderlust like crazy (I have a gypsy soul), but very limited funds. Still, we’ve managed to have the same type of experiences fairly close to home. Mine are all grown up now but we still talk about our memories from living on my parents farm, from the hiking trails at Bernheim Forest, from the parks and the malls and the zoo, etc. It’s always so fascinating to share those memories and be surprised by the specific pieces they remember about it that I’d overlooked or simply forgotten.


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