My throwback Thursday Wish: Tell me a story

My throwback Thursday Wish: Tell me a story

Storytelling these days appears to be a lost art form. Sure, there are many platforms on which people can write out their stories and day to day life moments. However, stories are often told in sound bites now and with tons of abbreviations.  There are microblogs such as Twitter and Tumbler where sentences (if even that) are filled with just a list of keywords. Even in face-to-face meetings you will have people that state “O.M.G S.M.H.”   Makes me think of REM’s song “What the Frequency, Kenneth?” Where’s the story, people?

Sometimes, besides craving a hamburger, I crave a story. I crave a good-old fashioned tale that has a beginning, middle and end with a purpose. I crave a story that will make we think and giggle. I crave a story that is engaging and takes me away from the current moment to another point in time. I crave a story that isn’t just so-called pithy statements strung together.   Where have all the story tellers gone?

I believe most humans desire to hear stories and tell stories. There seems to be a deeply embedded ingrained story craving. When you get home, don’t you want to share how your day went? You want to share the crazy-zanny colleague antics that occurred that day. You re-script the day piercing all those antics together. However, can you just sit with a wineglass before a fireplace and tell a tale? Two seconds into your story, you will receive several emails that interrupt and distract you. You lose the momentum.


You sit down to watch television. You may sit to watch The Leftovers or Game of Thrones. The stories can be compelling. However, at times, television shows today pride themselves in disjointed storytelling where things don’t make sense. It’s hip to be a chaotic storyteller. Some shows are so disjointed that I just walk away leaving the show play in the background as if it were wallpaper.


I am about to head off to work now. Perhaps a fellow train-rider will have a story to tell. Hopefully, it will not be a loud rant with no plot.

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  1. I think that’s what makes the Lord of the Rings movies (and books) so compelling. Good old storytelling. I agree, there’s a new wave of storytelling that, at times, is too much work to follow. I’m not opposed to non-linear stories, like Sin City, but I can only take them once in a great while.

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  2. I join you in preferring stories that flow. Now that I think of it, my mom’s stories are usually disjointed. I’m sure that’s one reason most conversations with her make me crazy!


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