Abusing my Microwave and DVR to no end: My Apologies

Abusing my Microwave and DVR to no end: My Apologies

A few years back, we had a house guest that was staying at our house while we were out on vacation. Upon return, he noted I can tell you guys use that microwave a lot and barely touch your stove. I was slightly offended , at first. Not really. It takes a lot to offend me. However, it got me thinking for a New York second. Indeed, I barely touch that stove.   Six years into living in this house and the stove still shines fairly new.  I suppose that might help with the house’s resell value.  Or so I can hope.

My microwave , on the other hand, has been used and then used some more.   Every morning I get up and make my coffee and microwave my milk. It’s my version of cafe con leche. Everywhere I go, I microwave my coffee’s milk. It brings a sense of culture and home to my spirit. Anyway, that milk microwaving is just the beginning of the microwave’s day. I also microwave my son’s milk as he too still likes his milk hot (in that respect he has come out like me, yah!). I microwave my frozen Indian food, my rice, and so forth.  The pinging of that microwave is a sound that my son has grown up with.  My dog, when he was alive, developed a Pavlovian relationship with the microwave. The microwave has become an essential part of our household activities.

Day in and day out the microwave is used and abused by the family. Despite my attempts to continually clean the microwave, it is starting to show some wear and tear. Probably not good for the house’s resell value. I must, as such, apologize to the microwave for our extensive use. Luckily for Mr. Microwave, we will be going on a vacation soon and thus it too will have a time of respite.  Enjoy the time off little microwave!

As for our DVR, that poor machine can’t catch a break. I have a TIVO set at home that allows me to record all my favorite and even non-favorite shows to my heart’s content.  I have over 100 shows recorded. Whole seasons are waiting for me to start watching them.   I just finally caught up to last season’s Pretty Little Liars, Game of Thrones and The Leftovers (what was that ending all about?-brutal!).  I record and record more shows for like many other Americans I just do not catch live airing of shows anymore. Who has time for that? With all my travel and endless hours of work, I come home tired. Now that I can stream my recorded shows on my Ipad makes it even easier to just record the shows and catch up at some point.

I suppose the DVR is not offended by my overuse as it is doing exactly what it was meant to do. It is saving me from having to watch things as they occur in the moment. However, I am so behind that my poor TIVO probably feels some neglect.

If we were living in the times of the Jetsons, these machines would be doing everything possible to get my attention.   One would be asking me to sit down with it and the other would be asking for a robot to help ease its workload.

Ah, I must run now I hear the microwave beeping summoning me to prepare my cafe con leche.   I am out sick today, thus I will reacquaint myself with my TIVO.  Hope it helps it feel better.  Question now is: do I watch How to Get Away with Murder or Arrow?  Ah, the glory of choices.

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  1. How to Get Away with Murder — absolutely!
    I barely use my microwave. I debate its necessity, really. The girls use it for oatmeal now and again…
    The DVR gets plenty of use, even though I’m home often. I just don’t love tv, and yet I hate to miss my shows 🙂


  2. We call our microwave ‘Michael’ just to give it the reverence it deserves.
    I guess it’s fair to assume that you are a true city person – all the gadgets for quick living. Hate the idea of an oven being unused, my trusty one has nearly seen its last apple pie.
    Microwave milk – Yuk!B


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