Born to be “Cousin It” and I’m cool like that

Born to be “Cousin It” and I’m Cool like That

I was born odd. My mother went to a fortune-teller when she was pregnant with me and she was told she would have a very smart girl that would accomplish many great things.   That is not so odd. However, from very early on eyes and ears were all about me waiting to see what I would do and who I would become.   Slowly, I morphed into that odd role.

I began to hate beans. What self-respecting Puerto Rican would not eat beans?  I stopped eating meat and became a vegetarian.   What self-respecting Puerto Rican would not eat meat?  I went away to boarding school for high school education. What self-respecting Puerto Rican would not live at home with family?  Instead of playing outside in the neighborhood I remained inside reading Little Women and Tale of Two Cities. I wasn’t just a nerd in an area that didn’t understand nerdism but I was a special nerd.  I grew up with Country Western music in an area that saw the birth of rap.  I was an oddball, indeed.

My cousins were older than me by a decade or so. They had lives that took them in completely different directions.  They had cars, lives and babies. I didn’t want kids, until I had my precious boy. I was Cousin Itt. I had the odd super curly hair. I had the slightly different belief system.  I was Cousin Itt.  I had different networks and social circles. I was Cousin Itt.  In the television show the Adams Family, Cousin Itt was a little being whose entire body was shrouded by long hair and who had a super high IQ and a wide array of odd talents.

Then my younger cousin started hanging out with me. I somehow infected him.  He liked Def Leppard and talked in a midwestern cadence.  He became Cousin Itt II. Woohoo,. I was not alone. Then I became more social and more embedded in the family structure as I took on more responsibilities for my mother.  I morphed out of the Cousin Itt role but he has remained. I wonder what his thoughts are on his role. None of us would know as he stays covered under his baseball hat.

What does it even mean to be a Cousin It anymore? I take it as a badge of honor. Why not celebrate the quirkiness and oddities of life. I was born to be this mysterious odd family being and I’m cool with that.

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  1. Reblogged this on galesmind and commented:
    I too am a Cousin It we should form a club. Never wanted to be like anyone else. Loved climbing a tree with a book. Was never fond of children even when I was one. Born a WASP married an Italian and now I am the most Italian in his family. Love it. You said it very well. Being odd and different is a lifestyle not everyone has the guts to not fit in.


    • thanks so much for the reblog. I would love, love to form a Cousin It club. seems there are many of us out there. have you heard of that Smiths’song “shoplifters of the world unite” and take over…? the Cousin Its shall unite and take over 🙂


  2. Ah, I love the Addams Family reference! I used to think that I like The Addams Family because of a huge crush I had on Morticia. But I soon found out that I reveled in the idea of being different – a non-conformist. Plus, it was natural for me, and not a contrived or contrarian position.


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