Soaring to New Heights Like the Birds in the open-land: But what does it mean?

Soaring to New Heights

It often seems that we are a cyclical treadmill trying to define our achievements.   Keep running on the treadmill reaching for that elusive outright mega-achievement. that achievement that is clearly a win.

We want to go from a steady spot on the earth and soar high above both part as a team (a family) and on our own.


Start rising








Achieve!  Achieve what?

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  1. Agree totally – great post, in less than 50 words! ‘Achieve, soar high’ – these delusions keep us going towards some nebulous goal for years. When ‘Achieve what?’ dawns, it feels like burn-out, then you have to create a new delusional system to believe you’re still going somewhere. And you move and move and end up with a formation like the one in the last photo – a messy circle…


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