I’m a cupcake girl: Full of whimsy, efficiency and style

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays or events of the year. Sadly, I have not worn a true Halloween costume in a rather long time. Last time I wore a costume I was Raggedy Ann.   I loved the short dress I got to wear with it.  My son, meanwhile, will be Sonic the Hedgehog for the second year in a row.  He loves the sense of speed that the costume symbolizes. He is all about getting from Point A to Point B in record time.  I suppose that is what a six-year old brain will process.

This year, if I got a chance to escape to the costume store, I would go ahead and get myself a strawberry shortcake cupcake costume.   I would wear some 6-inch pink heels and a cool top hat.   Why a cupcake costume? First off, why not?

Anyway, cupcakes historically represent baking efficiency.   Further, a cupcake is a small cake designed to serve one person. It shows a certain sense, in my view, of intensity.   A cupcake was innovative in that it used a volume measurement, showing a certain deference to heft. Also, cupcakes can be decorated in numerous ways on the outside and can have a number of fillings. Cupcakes hit the epitome of cool when they were featured quiet often on the HBO show Sex In the City.   Cupcakes were as cool as Jimmy Choos. Interestingly, Jimmy Choo has a cupcake shoe line. They are fierce pair of shoes.

I’m a cupcake girl: Full of whimsy, efficiency and style

A cupcake costume represents a bit of whimsy and non-traditional view of life. By wearing a cupcake costume I would be projecting my inner self. Efficiency, intensity, heft (gravitas) and a core of fun.

Today, while I sit in my business meetings, I will be visualizing and day dreaming of my cupcake outfit running freely through the city streets of New York.  Bet you never thought cupcakes could be so meaningful!

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  1. Hi,
    I as well haven’t worn a halloween costume in ages, however I do love the holiday. I really love the thought you put in to this costume right down to the details of the intensity and significance. I think your costume is truly a great way to show your individuality and inspire creativeness among your readers.


  2. Mimi a cupcake outfit seems just right.
    We don’t have Halloween in Australia as far as I am aware, but it sounds an awful lot light our politics.
    Jimmy Choo has done very well from this little duck – (Partner mad fan).
    Will look out for you on the news. Perhaps the headline ‘ Cupcakes Anyone?’ – perhaps not. B


  3. My younger daughter, AKA PIB (Pain in the Butt) is now thankfully and apparently happily on her own at age 23. PIB was also known as “Velcro child” which I’m glad to hear your “Sonic” is not. I’m just thrilled that it at least looks like she’ll be happily doing something fun this year that I won’t be involved in organizing!

    I try not to bother her too much about her social life but, as you may have guessed, she was not an easy child. So, she was “Sporty Spice” for 2 years in middle school. She also let drop in our last conversation that she will be “Lakers fan” this year again for the umpteenth time. Her more imaginative older sister’s response to PIB’s costume choice was “Again?”

    Curmudgeous spouse and I plan to visit Cumberland Gap on Halloween this year, then hide from trick or treaters as usual.


  4. I say wear it for the meeting, plead insanity and get a few days off to make the most of the holiday!
    I’d wear my cupcake outfit but it doesn’t match my eyes, and Barry the Bear keeps stealing it to lure in tourists and steal their cars, who knew a grisly bear could run such a successful chop shop

    I’ll go to my padded cell now!


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