Portraits of Dignified Happiness In Cuba in a hurried and harried day

Portraits of Dignified Happiness

As a frequent business traveler, I have a ton of hurried days where I often end up wondering where I am. There have been many mornings where I wake up and open the curtains in order to figure out what city I find myself on that day.    Just yesterday I started off doing a training session in Raleigh, North Carolina and ended up then in Miami at 11pm.  This was after a two-hour flight delay and sitting through a flight where my seat mate was insane and I had to scold her to calm down. Mind you the day before I had been in Charlotte and the day before that in New York.

When I visited Cuba each day was as equally busy. I went from the public health schools to the vaccine institutes to the city streets.  It was a whirlwind of a trip where despite the craziness I did always remember where I was waking up.   That was because of the fascinating myriad of people that I got to meet throughout my days there.

There is always one thing I try to do despite how crazy my days are and despite how frustrating logistics can get to be.  I always stop and take some photos of the scene about me.  I always attempt to capture the moments of calm, zen and dignity.

Below are a few random happy moments from around Cuba that I caught on camera that I thought I would share with you all.  Despite one’s crazy schedule, always try to take in the moment.



A medical official excited to be talking about her country’s top notch medical school.


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