Someone reached in and it was a rock lobster: Oh wait it was a Liebster award

Someone reached in and it was a rock lobster: Oh wait it was a Liebster award

 liebster award

Today things are a bit wacky. My office floor is a hot mess and my desktop is even more of a mess. I have twenty applications open while I work on five documents simultaneously. I don’t know whether I am coming or going as the workload continues to pile up and morph like a slime blob.   Admittedly, I like things messy. If things are too clean and neat I seem to not be able to concentrate. It seems that my mind, in order to produce at the speed it needs to, must be embedded in chaos.  It is through thsi chaos that I come up with my publications and blog posts as well.  Apparently, it is a successful effort and environment. This past year I have received a couple of  Liebster Award nominations. Besides being grateful, I also giggled. See, I hear that phrase and I immediately think of the B-52s “Rock Lobster.” Honestly, it doesn’t take much to get me to think of that song as I absolutely love its zaniness, messiness,  and don’t need much of an excuse to start screaming:

We were at a party

His ear lobe fell in the deep

Someone reached in and grabbed it

It was a rock lobster

Don’t you just want to dance horribly out of beat and chuckle?  I have a bigger question for those of you that have heard of the B-52s.  How in the world did they make it so big?  I get how they came up with their songs (it’s called a hazy, messy college room). How did the rest of the world come to appreciate their music?  Anyway, the Liebster award is given from one blogger to another to note appreciation of the blogger’s work.  Sadly, the word “Liebster” does not mean lobster.  Although, Liesbter does mean “sweetheart” or “darling” in German.   My two years of German finally came in handy.   I’d like to thank “the other side of regular” for nominating me.   I got to know that blog when I chuckled out loud at their take on high heels. Keep on blogging dear friend.

In accepting this nomination I am supposed to answer some questions and provide some more random facts about myself-as if this blog isn’t enough.  Just note that I will be answering these questions and providing these facts in the vein of “Rock Lobster” –meaning, I will be wacky and non-too-serious.

Random facts:

  1. I prefer Krispy Kreme to Dunkin Donuts.
  2. I believe toilet paper should be subsidized
  3. I have dressed up as Raggedy Ann for Halloween
  4. I have never watched: Mad Men, Scandal or Titanic.
  5. I look at ants and wonder how much their brains weigh
  6. I could survive for a week on the run with what is currently in my handbag
  7. My dream is to invent a random tool that I can showcase at midnight and sell for 11.99 plus shipping and handling (hey it worked for the Kardashians).
  8. I like to play as the Mongols in “Civilization”
  9. I can eat up three hamburgers in a sitting, plus fries.
  10. I’d like to have three dogs, two lemurs and a turtledove
  11. I actually like Mentos

As you can see the messiness of my environment bleeds into my random thoughts as well. or is that vice versa? Now, I am supposed to answer some questions that have been posed to me….hmm

  1. Why did I start blogging? It was posed to me as a challenge at work and I never turn down a challenge.
  2. If you had to choose what material thing could you not live without. That’s easy. That would be my smartphone so that I can still communicate with people and watch television. Oh, and read. Yes, I suffer from nomophobia apparently.
  3. What is your favorite place in the world? Hands down –It is home, but if you mean travel wise happy place-that is Hawaii.
  4. Name a movie you thoroughly enjoyed and why: Silence of the Lambs- I wanted to be Clarice Starling. Still do.
  5. What would you do if you won the lottery. Get theB-52s to give me my own Private Idaho-I mean concert

Ok. There are more questions but I just can’t keep going with them. I appreciate the shout out, but I must now go listen to “The Love Shack” and be joyous, silly and even more messy.  Embrace the mess, I say.

Here are my nominees –check them out and may they live long and prosper. And, dear nominees feel free to answer any of the questions that I did or just one: what song gives you the ultimate giggles?  [oh yeah- don’t forget to nominate others, display the award logo, thank the person who nominated you and link to the blog, list 11 random facts, have fun,  yadayadayada….]


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Rock on.. be a star and be a mess…Rock Lobster

Here comes a stringray
There goes a manta ray
In walked a jelly fish
There goes a dogfish

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  1. Guten Morgan Mimi,
    Thank you for the nomination! I have no idea how to display badges on my page (I’m still pretty new) but I will figure it out. Also, I will enjoy filling out all the randomness because, it’s 8am and I have nothing to do till 11am except blog and pet my dog.


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