Twin Peaks is Being Revived: Let’s all Cue up our Eerie Mystical Dreams

Twin Peaks is Being Revived: Let’s all Cue up our Eerie Mystical Dreams

A few weeks back at a team business meeting, we were huddled around our portable heater device. I found it funny that some of us went around walking around with a heater. New York office buildings are rather old and we all tend to have odd heating/cooling situations. For example, in the winter time in our offices many are in shorts because of the extreme heat and in the summer we wear a parka coat because of the extreme air conditioning systems. Anyway, I started to laugh at the sight of the heater. I then made the remark that I should bring my log over. People looked at me quizzically and I explained I was like the Twin Peaks’ Log Lady and I had some premonitions to share.  Still people looked at me quizzically.  Only one other person in the room had ever heard of Twin Peaks, let alone the Log lady.   A few weeks later, joyously, Twin Peaks fans got the best news ever. Twin Peaks is being revived (brought back) for television.  Hopefully, in its newest incarnation it will be as non-linear as ever causing tons of quizzical looks the next day at the watercooler.

Here are a series of photographs that in my lucid-dreaming self pay an odd homage to the return of Twin Peaks.   Three cheers for a backwards-talking dwarf and other oddities.







Part of the 12 apostles

Part of the 12 apostles

Ask yourself would you ever carry around a psychic log?


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  1. David Lynch returns! Too bad we have to wait until 2016. Great photos! The spookville photo reminds me of a Lovecraft creature! 🙂


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