The Pastel Harvest of Autumn: Enjoy the softness, sedateness, and sanity

 The pastel harvest of Autumn: Enjoy the softness, sedateness, and sanity

We are surrounded and embedded within a color spectrum. Colors talk to us and we use colors to talk out loud and shout out (or perhaps whisper) our emotional states. Pastels in their softness and sense of being subdued are often associated with the springtime. Shout out loud the word pastels and oftentimes people will think of Easter and the Easter baskets filled with all sorts of sugary-goodies coated in pastels –which is somewhat ironic considering that for many pastels symbolize a sense of being relaxed.

Throughout history and at least in many psychological circles, pastels can be used to create an environment of openness and relief. Have you been to spa lately? Oftentimes, they are in soft pastel blues and lilacs.  However, pastels are all about us even in nature.


Autumn which is typically known for its deep reds and oranges also has a side of whimsy to it. If you happen to have an extra hour built into the day today, go ahead and look about and find the soft pastels of fall.

2014-10-12 11.36.49

2014-10-12 11.41.03

Pastels evoke openness and relaxation. Pastels are considered relieving and soothing and are even sometimes equated with sanity.

2014-10-12 11.44.172014-10-12 11.46.03

Go out and search today for your pastel bliss.

IMG_9426 2014-10-12 11.39.01

And here is my biggest little boy in pastel blue surrounded by cheery blossoms


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  1. He’s adorable, Mimi! And you’re right, fall does have some pastels and I didn’t even think about them until I saw your photos and post. Those faintest yellow/orange decorative gourds that are straining toward white blankness among them. Great post.


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