News from the weird: should we be walking around with our mouths wide open?

Ask a stupid question day: should we be walking around with our mouths wide open?

News from the weird

There are 94 days left to the year. It seems just like yesterday it was day 1 of the year. Did you know that it is world heart day as well as world rabies day? Why in the world would these two things be celebrated together? Hmm. Let’s think about this question. Did you also know that it is “Ask a Stupid Question Day”?  In honor of this grand day, let’s think of why people do the many dumb things that they do.  In particular this week, food was a big part of the weird news out there.   The word press community asked about being picky eaters or food quirks. The stories below may illuminate some shake- your-head food issues that may propel you to walk around with your mouths wide shut.

Here is this week’s weird news installment.

What does one do with 500 pound of squash?  Someone daring karma to strike them down stole 500 pounds of squash from a church garden. That squash was meant to be given to the needy.

What’s that smell? Of course, it is 37,000 lbs of chicken going putrid on the side of the road in an abandoned semi-trailer. The truck driver was angry about his pay and revenge came in the form of sweet, sweet rancid chicken. Seems to be a bad end to the question of why the chicken cross the road.

What can be better than pumpkin latte?   Starbucks is always trying to expand its empire and daily hold on us as a society. Now along with pumpkin lattes, there is a beer-flavored latte.  I’m not too sure how I feel about that. I must say, however, that if they made a mojito flavored latte, I would be all over that. Caffeine, cocktail and lime can get any day started right.

Why do you crave more Chinese food an hour after eating dinner? Mr. Zhang owns a noodle shop in the UK. He has an entrepreneurial spirit. He laced his food entrees with opium creating quiet a loyal base of customers.  That’s one way to keep them coming back.

What does sushi do to your insides?  A Chinese man really loves his sashimi. After one of his last bits of sashimi he had a bad stomach ache. They did a body scan and found that the insides of his body were filled with tapeworm.

Do those vegetables lend themselves to road rage?  Another week gone by and thus another round of road rage. Here is the video of the woman going a bit insane near a fruit and vegetable stand.  I don’t know what those vegetables did to deserve this role.

Now the rest of this week’s wacky stories are not necessarily about food. However, you do wander what people may have been ingesting.

Who you gonna call? Police in a small town in New Mexico were called into investigate some ghost sightings. They took the calls seriously and went, with camera in hand, after a foggy being with legs. The cops don’t know what to make of this but they do note that they believe in ghosts and there are unsolved cases out there.  The whole town is in a tizzy.   I recommend that if you are passing through, keep your mouth wide shut.

What does a boob do for non-attention?  A woman who thought she was getting too much attention from men gathered 20,000 dollars for an operation.  What did she splurge for? She got a third breast.  Don’t open your mouth to try to rationalize this.   Just walk away from that one.

Why was another flight diverted this time? The last few weeks have seen many angry passengers fighting over leg space and causing pilots to divert the flight elsewhere. Mid-way on a recent Virgin America light, a passenger decided to pleasure himself. When that was not enough stimulation, he tried to open the flight door as well. That sis the type of flights where it really pays off to have swallowed a few Xanax beforehand.

What’s that in your bag? Be careful with neighbors trying to get you to get rid of their garbage. They hand you a bag and you must wonder what is in it. Is this last night’s dinner?  Hmm. It weighs and is shaped a bit funny. Is that a potato? Is that a bowling ball? Perhaps it is a severed head.

Go ahead and walk away and keep your mouths wide shut

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