Nine movies and many television shows in a fog of medication and a 20 hour flight

Nine movies and many television shows in a fog of medication and a 20 hour flight

For a film minor in college, aficionado and intended graduate school enrollee, I have had an odd relationship with films lately. I just don’t go to the movies much anymore. Even at home, I rather record television shows than movies. The only times I catch movies nowadays is when I am on a rather long flight or I am doped up on tons of medications. Sadly for me, I underwent a rather long flight and got a parasite thus necessitating heavy medications. I didn’t quite know what to do in this fog of flight anxiety and medication.

It apparently was time to catch up on movies. I also got to watch countless television shows; some new to me and others some golden goodies. They kept my mind a bit off my flying anxiety. However, my stomach was in knots. Some films were so violent they kept my stomach in a tizzy. Some shows hit too close to my psychological home.


Here is my medicated, woozy take on some of these movies and television shows I caught.


I can tell you right off the bat you should never watch The Secret life of Walter Mitty if you are in any mental state of delirium. It is so bizarre and nonsensical that you feel like you are tripping and that is without the medications yet having an impact. I think it is meant to champion the everyday man and creativity, but I was not feeling it. I was in and out of REM sleep throughout and I think I inserted myself into some of the bizarre journeys hoping to find Sean Penn. And can I tell you, I do not care for him much.


I actually liked Divergent and then I read the online message board reviews of it and realized that I missed many plot holes. The producers may want to keep their future audiences medicated to keep the plot holes a little less obvious. Despite the reviews and silly factions I still liked it primarily because it ran so long and ate up a big chunk of my hazy time. Plus, despite the character of Four looking 35 (despite supposedly being early 20s), he was soft on the eyes.


I found Anchorman 2 to be a waste of good comedic talent. Although, I laughed out loud hysterically at two points. I cannot get out of my head the image of the set directors trying to get Burgundy to not smoke crack on air. For some reason that reminded me of my workplace and I just got a horrible case of the giggles. The workplace is most definitely kooky.


I was bored to tears by the Hobbit. Yet, I couldn’t fall asleep and boy have I needed sleep. The Hobbit, going forward, will be my measure of how sick I am. If I cannot fall asleep during it, then it is going to be a long uncomfortable night ahead. The Kids are All right was alright. I don’t quite get what the Oscar fuss was about. Anette Benning, was as usual, great. Yet, the movie felt a bit like a Lifetime television movie to me in which no character was like-able.


I repeatedly watched Rio 2 but could not tell you the plot as I was in and out of sleep on that one. All I remember is colorful birds fluttering about. It makes for some pretty lucid dreaming. The other three movies I watched? I can’t even remember what they were. Oh wait! One was X-men: Days of Future Past. Think the title is confusing? Try watching it on meds and not having seen the latest X-men films that came out beforehand.  I had no idea Halle berry was still in the franchise. Although, she barely said anything. She basically levitated a few times and her eyes went white.  I may have followed that with Iron Man 3.  Which seemed interesting but by then I was in a complete state of wooziness and I have yet to watch iron man 1 and 2.  It seemed the film had Robert Downey’s snarky sense of humor that is often displayed in other films–which I like. I need to make a note to try to catch this film series someday.  I still can’t remember the other film I watched.  Scary.


Everyone has been telling me the last few years that I needed to see the HBO show called Veep for obvious reasons. I caught it on my uber-turbulent flight cross country. Perhaps it was the turbulence but I sure could relate to the wacky day to day antics and scenarios the Vice President found herself in. Having to do a random speech at the last minute based on very little information. Check! Having to use the restroom in the middle of a trip with no free time to do so. Check! Having to carve out my own identity as second fiddle. Check! Check! Check! I don’t believe it was the turbulence that helped me relate to the scenes therein.


Ah, I truly never want to watch so many movies or entertainment on one trip. Besides coming back with a parasite, I came back with a depreciated sense of the state of the current movie industry. As a girl who grew up on movies and pop culture, that depreciated view is depressing.

Oh well. I think next time I should just load up on Veronica Mars videos and catch some tunes. Onwards to the next flight and next woozy situation.

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  1. Thanks for the reviews, Mimi. I wanted to watch ‘The secret life of Walter Mitty’, but now I think that I’ll pass. I think that this has been the worst year in box office takes since 2001, and it’s no surprise. Aside for the occasional Tim Burton film, I don’t often find satisfaction at the cinema. FYI, I’m not sure if you’ve seen these, but this person has a collection of whimsical trailers on youtube. I think that you may find them amusing:


  2. Walter Mitty: Ya know, I loved the book as a kid, and when I saw the trailer for the movie, I thought to myself “this seems like the kind of flick you shouldn’t watch if your high”. Needless to say your comment made me laugh out loud. No matter what Ben Stiller does, my mind goes back to him playing “the angry guy” on Friends. 🙂

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  3. Were you by any chance flying with Delta? I think I was also watching the same stuff. I was in and out of sleep watching Walter Mitty and have to say it did inspire me to explore the world (trippity-trip way) and was only satisfied with the cartoon, Adventure Time :S


  4. I enjoyed Walter Mitty, but I remember having an illness and watching the 4400, and going in and out of reality with that one, and feeling totally mad, like “this is what it must feel like to not be able to find reality.” It was a horrible experience. I think the episode may have been one of those types (or else I was half dreaming already), but it wasn’t a good experience!


  5. Think we’re pretty much on the same page, entertainment-taste wise, and maybe life-wise, too, since I also enjoy and sort of relate to “Veep”. There are some oddball (for a “girl” like me) “franchise” movies that I like to rewatch on TV (someday I’ll DVR, maybe), like the “Die Hard” series, and I have no idea why. Do you have any like that in your repertoire?


    • Oh boy if you can relate to veep we should start a support group together 🙂 I do get into some franchise. I loved the first two die hard movies. Just saw the most recent one and didn’t get why he had such a tense relationship with his son. I admit I like the Bourne identity and mission impossible franchises …


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