The coldest winter is a summer in San Fran and the most stressful event is a birthday party

The coldest winter is a summer in San Fran and the most stressful event is a birthday party

Making lists for the day, for the week, for the month and for the year is an entrenched part of our modern-day lives. For the last few weeks there has been a constant on my to-do lists: son’s birthday party preparations. There have been invitations lists to be assembled, location selection and confirmation and goodie bags to be brought together. I’m reminded of that Mark Twain quote that I lived all too well: the coldest winter is a summer in San Francisco. Bear with me here, I am in New York and not San Francisco currently. However, I keep thinking the most stressful event is a good old fashioned six year old fun times birthday party. A birthday is a time of celebration and recollection of a significant part of one’s life. Yet, boy can it be stressful. At first, another classmate was having a birthday party on his same day. It was about to become girls vs boys. I did not want that. Eventually it was worked out. Then a mother thought I had left her child off the invitation list. Sorry, but the invitation was filtered out. Then, the RSVPs were over the limit. What happened to the rule of thumb you over recruit by 10-15% assuming no-shows and invitation declines?

Right now, I can’t process a very forward thinking to do list. Primary on my list today is to pack the goody bags, survive a two-hour birthday party and enjoy a cocktail there after. Furthermore, I then need to pack for my business trip tomorrow and make arrangements for my next business trip in two weeks after tomorrow’s.

Tomorrow night I imagine that I will create a new work-out music mix and run hard on the treadmill to celebrate marking these items off my to-do list. Perhaps I will be able to start a real to-do list that can lead to real life changes. Maybe I can plan my family christmas trip. Perhaps I can search for a new job in a completely new place I have never been that will set a new adventure in motion. I can then even come up with my ideal job and see if it exists out there. While doing all that, I can make a plan to write those two books I have been contemplating. Oh to dream. Oh to dream.

But for today, let’s get through the madness of throwing a party in which 25 six year old kids are screaming at the top of their lungs while engaging in crazy sports games; after which they get a second with with a dose of chocolate cake.

If only that energy could be infused into my being or at least my passion fruit mojito

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  1. Oh my Goodness! My little one is turning three in a couple of days and I am almost paralysed at the thought of a birthday party. Just a couple of months back, all I wanted was for him to have a normal birthday celebration. Now, I think I should just take him to an amusement park…


    • I just got back from my third weekend in a row attending a child’s birthday party. Every mother agrees that there is much stress beforehand. but once it is going, the smiles on their little faces = precious. Although an amusement park will probably be a major delight!


  2. There will be an army of adults, or at least older children, to help, right? I remember those days and do not miss them at all now that my kids are in their 20s. I’m not sure if THEY even remember those parties and I’m pretty sure they don’t miss them. Guess it’s just the thing we parents, of any age, HAVE to do when our children are young and attending similar parties of their peers’?


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