Dream a little lucid dream to calm the nerves down: Although Walter Mitty I am not


Dream a little lucid dream to calm the nerves down: Although Walter Mitty I am not


Have you seen the movie The Secret of Life of Walter Mitty? I have and didn’t care for it one bit. Of course, I was hopped up on meds and lack of sleep.   Anyway, I don’t think I am spoiling any plot points by saying that he copes with his boring life by engaging in vivid daydreaming. That part I can actually relate to.


I am one of those people that can engage in lucid dreaming. I have been in the middle of a dream eating a hamburger and I wake up with my hands in motion near my face. I can feel my dreams and I can control parts of them. It’s a tactic I learned very early on in life. In part, I learned to be a lucid dreamer in order to control some part of my life as I grew up in a very scary, crime-ridden neighborhood. Or that is what my own psychoanalysis of myself tells me.



Whenever I have been faced with a nerve-wracking situation up ahead, the night before I calm the nerves down by lucid dreaming.   The day of the situation, I engage in very active day-dreaming. In all my dreams, I am often an Indiana Jones type of adventurer and social justice seeker. What a nerdy set of dreams for sure. It is in that mode that I calm my nerves down. Just like Indiana Jones I am afraid of rats, but I can overcome that fear to get to the holy grail. That is how I view most situations. I remind myself that the situation will only last so long and that it too shall pass.




I give hundreds of presentations and talks. Many people think I do not get nervous before giving such talks. I am quite charming and anybody that has heard or seen me give a talk knows I like the microphone. However, I am just like anybody else. It does not matter how many times I have taken the stage each time always brings about a round of stomach butterflies. It’s natural and human to feel nervous.



I psych myself up by remembering why I am there and reminding myself that I know my stuff. That is part of any arsenal of getting over one’s nerves. My secret weapon is my day dreaming whereby right before hand, I dream of catching the “bad guys” or sipping a mai tai on a Hawaii beach somewhere.



Yes, right before I give a talk, I let my mind wander and go elsewhere for a bit. Why not? It’s good to free the mind and then rein it back in right when it is necessary. I even attain witty anecdotes when I engage in such daydreaming, that I then integrate into my talk. Inspiration can come from anywhere, including the nerves.


Go ahead. Dream a little dream and then go one to do a fab job.




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  1. Quite interesting, I daydream a lot too and I had not even considered that as a tactic to avoid feeling as nervous as it is something I am constantly engaged in. On a different subject, your blog post has a rather small font size. I do not know if it’s me but I struggled a bit as the post has the smallest font size in your entire blog.


  2. I totally agree that if you know your subject very well, there’s no need to worry after the butterflies have dissipated. As far as the small font that sugarcoated is concerned about, just hold down the CTRL key and press the “+” key. That will cause the font to enlarge. This can be done repeatedly until the size of the font is comfortable to view. Just sayin’.


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