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The oddly intoxicating psychological effect of a black and white photo version of street art

The oddly intoxicating psychological effect of a black and white photo version of street art


For the most part street art is not meant to be in black and white. Street art is nuanced and whimsical at times making you rethink what you may know.   A splash of red draws your attention in to some random stroke. A splash of yellow makes you squint and look closer.  Street art evokes emotion through colored sentimentality, anger or hilarity


This street art in Melbourne originally had splashes of color that actually made one almost walk on by for the line strokes were thin and somewhat dampened.   I sorted through my photograph collection and decided to do something I would have never thought of doing before. I changed a street art work into a black and white photograph.



IMG_3066 - Version 2


All of a sudden I was transported to a 1970’s New York City environment that I have seen on old television shows.

By changing the hue, I changed the environment in my mind. It seemed more menacing and dire. I actually noticed Charles Manson in the corner. I got a series of spook-filled chills.

How do you go about changing the meaning of a photograph?




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  1. Black and write has an effect of its own
    Without the colour to add vibrancy the flare of a picture/film is portrayed in more subtle ways and everything has equal consideration to the eye since its all in the same colour tone

    (I think I just had a brain fart, please forgive!)


  2. I love b & w photography. Street art or not. I also love photography period (when it’s well done). It’s can be like eye candy for me.
    I like to post my poems on a really good, and fitting photo.


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