The Fray: Female Images Featured in Street Art

The Fray: Female Images Featured in Street Art


It’s often said that women’s nerves are frayed. They fret and run to and from in a hurried frenzy bubble of worry. At times, it seems that women are thought of as in the following photograph (a photo of a beautiful old tree in Panama City).


At a meeting I once chastised because I was too worried about finances and I just had to chill. I was treated as if I had just been a shrill nuance. However, I was right to worry and I will never back down from a just and righteous concern.


In Melbourne there is a bohemian area in which street art is wondrously relished and promoted throughout the area.   In walking through the area I got a weird sense of being in a Joss Whedon Comic book series. I especially felt I was in Fray.  It is a futuristic spin-off of my all-time favorite television show: Buffy the Vampire Slayer.   The comic book Fray series follows a new slayer named Melaka Fray.  A strong woman meant to battle the evil ghouls and monsters of the world. Yes, I felt I was in the middle of a Fray strong woman world.



But there is also a touch of whimsy to this Fray world.


And a touch of daring sexiness


And a touch of inner strength


And just being a take-no-prisoners kind of girl



No more images of frayed nerves. Here is to a whole new fray of life

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  1. I’ve never hear of fray, but it looks like an excellent series. I wonder if they’ll make it into a TV series or movie. I like the message as well – confront the demons. The street art looks fantastic. The Bride makes an appearance and looks wonderful!


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