Wacky women news including the extreme anti-Eisoptrophobia exhibited by Kim Kardashian and girls “playing dumb” to get a boy

Wacky women news including the extreme anti-Eisoptrophobia exhibited by Kim Kardashian

and girls “playing dumb” to get a boy


We keep on with the fight!

We keep on with the fight!



We are now deep into August with just four months left to the year. Don’t know about you all, but I surely could use a rewind button or two.  Times are a changing. The usually raucous Courtney Love noted at a concert this past week in Melbourne that she was too old to take her bra off on stage.  She specifically stated “I’m 50, It’s over!” Hello! Has she not seen Cher’s buttless pants.


Well, Ms. Love is not the only wacky woman making wacky headlines news these past few weeks.


Too broke to go visit her boyfriend.  A Texas woman missed her jailed boyfriend so much that she stole a $3.99 bottle of wine in order to be arrested. Yes, she figured if she got arrested she would be taken to the jail where her boyfriend was being held.


No sense of Eisoptrophobia.  You may have caught the “news” when that Kim Kardashian is putting together a big book of selfies called “Selfish.”   According to her public relations machine Kim Kardashian just so happen to be looking at photos of herself (just so happened to-not that she is always looking at herself) so that she could put together a nice photo album gift to her hubby.  She noticed that many of her photos had not made it onto Instagram  and she thought that she should not deprive the world of those photos. It would be a travesty of unconscionable proportions if she just shared those photos with Kanye West and the rest of us went on living without seeing those photos.   Go ahead and bow your head in silence mourning the end of civilization as we know it.


Overzealous mom.  A 40-year old mother of two got a bit freaked out this past week when she found out that her 15-year old son had been watching porn on the family television.   She did what any mother would probably NOT do. She called the cops on her son and reported to the sheriff that he had been watching porn. The kid was not arrested.


If I ain’t pure, you must report it.  A woman in Oklahoma was not satisfied with her meth. Apparently it just was not pre enough for her. Thus, she did what any disgruntled meth shopper would do.  She called the cops to report the low-quality product. Personally, I would have gone with putting a nasty review on yelp. Wait, meth dealers don’t have yelp pages? Yet?


Top that Sarah Palin!  An Alaskan woman was bit repeatedly by a bear and not only did she live to tell the tale but she got herself up, walked over a mile and drove herself to the hospital.   Now that would have been an interesting selfie to take.


If you love something, …. A young woman who should have known better but was so overwhelmed by her love of giraffes that she could not help herself.   She climbed a zoo fence and made her way into a giraffe enclosure.  Then the giraffe proceeded to kick her in the face.   I guess she now has an interesting cocktail party anecdote.


Killer hurricanes.  A recent study noted that those hurricanes with female names tend to kill more people. What gives? They argue that female names make people perceive said hurricanes as less dangerous and thus they take less precautions. There are probably a ton of flaws with that study. But could there be something to it. A feminine sounding hurricane such as “Katrina” initially perceived as less dangerous than say an “Hugo”?  Sounds like an analogy to the workplace as well.  Speaking of which, it appears that men that strive for more work-life balance are perceived more favorably than women that also seek work-life balance. Buy, science is just bringing me down today.


Life lesson. Don’t attempt to carjack a cop car with cops in the car. Just not going to turn out well. Truly. A drunk woman made her way into a cop car in an attempt to drive away in it. Lo and behold there were some cops in the car at the time. She did not make it very far.  The road less travelled really shouldn’t include a carjacked cop car.


Oh, No they didn’t!  In India a fashion photo shoot took place wherein a woman was photographed being groped by men on a bus. I don’t think I need to say anything more here.   Major jeers to that.


Playing dumb. Sadly, recent research found that young girls feel they must “play dumb” in order to get the boys to like them.   Even more disturbing, the researchers found that boys at the age of 14 feel that girls should not be as smart as them.   Well, I have a young son and he will know that girls can be and are as smart.  That is one contribution to the world that I will be making.   Speaking of which, Lego has responded to criticism about not showing enough empowered girls in their play sets. They have created a new Lego set showcasing women in scientific professions.  Can we say it is 2014? About time!


We keep on with the fight!

We keep on with the fight!

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  1. Girls “Playing dumb” to get boys to like them is disturbing and I see it everywhere 😦 thanks for writing about that.


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