The Seasons

Riding the silhouetted cold winter waters of Australia’s Ocean Road Feeling Like Thalassa

Riding the silhouette of the cold winter waters of Australia’s Ocean Road


Winter on an ocean road can be as warm for the soul as a sun-filled sand castle day on Waikiki beach. The beauty of the foggy, silhouetted landscape makes one’s inside tingle away.


Just staring out into the cold waters I felt like Thalassa, wishing I had the power to to rise up from the sea and command all waters.



The waves mesmerize one and lull one into a sense of hypnotic reverie. The ocean,an integral and quintessential part of  living on this Earth makes you take in a deep breath and breathe out one’s expectations and hopes.



Holding my son’s hands while we traipse down Ocean Road provides one an enhanced sense of motherhood and life rhythms.



Waves crashing out of the fog awaken one’s sense of adventure and giddiness.





From the waves I rise as a powerful woman; a powerful primordial sea goddess.

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  1. Lovely photographs! And wow, to feel like Yemanja just be wonderful. It connects with your last post too, because an old healer once shared that Yemanja is a symbol of feminine energy which cannot be possessed by men.


  2. Good photos. Remind me of winter visits to Long Beach LI, NY on a cloudy day. Then the sun would come out and all the beach-goers would bring out their chairs and their reflectors and catch the warmth and all the sun they could.


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