No Time For Procrastination: the Gates of Hades are Opening in Two Weeks

No Time For Procrastination: the Gates of Hades are Opening in Two Weeks


At the Vatican

What will you be doing July 27th 2014?  As I noted last summer to many’s delight and fright, the Gates of Hades are opening soon.  See, here is the thing the month of July is ghost month. In all this talk about the Gates of Hades by Siri, people don’t realize or take into account the whole month of July is just a bit kooky.  In Chinese society, food offerings are provided during “Ghost Month”, which is a time of 30 days where hungry ghosts emerge from down under (ahem, Hades) and they must be appeased.



These roaming ghosts need not be menacing and can apparently be appeased by food festivals.  In New York City, there is a block food festival every weekend from east to west.  As a city, we are doing our best to keep those roaming ghosts at bay.   There is also the belief that there is a hell officer that has the power to pardon these ghosts. I must state I am surprised that the television show Supernatural has not done a story around this month. On July 27th 1501, Copernicus was formally installed as canon of Frauenberg Cathedral. History has to mean something.



In Taiwan, they observe ghost month from July 27 to Aug. 24. Great! I am flying back from Australia on the 27th and my son’s birthday is August 23rd, the eve of the closing of the gates.   I am a bit spooked out.



Let’s consider some of the weird things that have been happening as of late.  New York City’s skyline was a bright red at sunset the last few nights. That may not sound so weird. However, if you look at the video that captured that bright red sunset you may think otherwise. It aligned itself in a very odd manner in between the skyscrapers that dot the skyline.  It felt a bit like an apocalypse scenario or a scene out of Red Dawn.  Also, apparently the earth’s magnetic pole is moving towards Siberia. As a result it could be that GPS systems get a bit crazy and send you off in lalaland –which actually happened to me a few weekends ago when trying to go down the coast of Connecticut and ended up deep in Massachusetts. Also, bees and butterflied may get a bit dizzy and in their tizzy forget to pollinate and there goes some food issues.  To further the weirdness case, we just went through another supermoon.  In other universe news, scientists discovered seven new dwarf galaxies.  Lastly, what about that World Cup game where Brazil lost to Germany by six points? That was definitely weird, no? There may be other things at play than just it being ghost month and the impending opening of the Gates of Hades. However, this is a lot more fun to speculate on.




While things are spooky, it is a time to take life by the horns and kick it up a notch. Why procrastinate when there is so much weirdness going on?  Take this time to reflect and do something grand or that you would not otherwise do.  Lets reflect a bit more. Consider this.  In 2013, on July 27th, the first Przewalski’s horse  is born via artificial insemination at the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute.. What is so impressive about this you might wonder? Well, the Przewalski horse is believed to have gone extinct in 1969.  No time like the present to jumpstart a grand moment in your life!



However, according to the legends of ghost month there are some things one should definitely avoid. In Chinese culture, it is believed that hell lies under the ocean. Thus, during ghost month be careful of where you go swimming. Also, during ghost month, you should not look at a mirror at midnight. That I totally get. If ghosts are emerging they may just sneak up behind you in the mirror. As a Puerto Rican, that was one of the superstitions I grew up with. One is never to look at the mirror at night for fear that something evil lurks back at you.  You are also to not open an umbrella indoors. Just like my mom always said. Check! I know not to do that already.   One should also avoid peeling an apple and lighting up a white candle in the front of mirror. Hmm. Ok. Got it.



So, I am flying out of Australia on July 27th. Here’s hoping the ghosts are happy ones that day. Speaking of Australia, Adelaide, was founded on July 27th in 1836. It all comes together my friends. I don’t know what it all means but it all comes together.



Three things to know: don’t procrastinate for there are oddities all about us and the moment is now to go for the personal gold. The gates of hades are opening soon. Get your food festival on. Avoid mirrors; especially at night. Truly no good can come of it.


Mark your calendars. Next year’s ghost month starts August 14, 2015. What will you be doing then?




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  1. I suggest Mimi, that, if you talk to Australians about ‘Ghost Month’ they might just take pity on you – offer you a drink – and talk about the ‘Footy’.
    I have been around for a bit and my memory is pretty good! I don’t know of a ‘Ghost Month’ here, but as reasonable people and up for a challenge, we Aussies would graciously accept this new sport and probably take the side of the ‘Ghosts’.
    When you come down ( and by the by – I will be in Melbourne when you are there) you can only talk about ‘Real stuff’ ie; Footy, Politics,Food,Weather and a little bit about Philosophy as long as it includes you getting the drinks.
    We are a simple nation with simple needs. None of this ‘Ghost’ business Down-Under, that’s all a bit weird for us.B


  2. As a horror movie fanatic, I must say I loved reading about all of this – so interesting!
    Your warnings of not looking into a mirror at night have sufficiently freaked me out…but the suggestion of food festivals has made me rather hungry! I LOVE the suggestion of going for the gold…procrastination never accomplished anything.
    Awesome info/post & warnings! 😀
    ~ Andrea ❤


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