You spin me round and round the world

Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge: You spin me round and round the world



It is Wacky Wednesday. In a week from today I will be traveling to Australia and can’t wait to meet the people, learn about the culture and take some great photographs of the landscape, cityscapes and whatever wacky things I can find in my lens’ camera shot.


I foresee some grand wackiness today. Thus, here are some photos of circles and curves around the world to keep my head spinning and therefore get through the day.


In Rome, the and of great art, food and drinks, I got to visit the Vatican where I came across this grand “ball” in the Courtyard that one is allowed to spin about.

At the Vatican

. At the Vatican



Look at the lovely curves and soft edges of this courtyard at the Vatican. It is an odd sense of irony in that the curves and the beauty are so sensual

Vatican Courtyard



Speaking of sensual and sumptuous here I was at Karlskirche Ressel Park in Vienna, Austria. Look at how the curves interplay with each other in a delightfully breathtaking viewing experience.

Karlskirche Ressel Park

Karlskirche Ressel Park


I love photographing public works of art around the world. Here is one such circle art structure in Hawaii.  It is beautiful in its simplicity.

Public Art in Hawaii

Public Art in Hawaii



Rapunzel, Rapunzel let down your hair! I came across this random tower in between the swamps of Louisiana.

lousiana tower

Louisiana tower


Here is a working structure that looks like a merry-go-round. I really have no clue what is its function.

work merry go round


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  1. Interesting photos. That merry-go-round thingy is strange. The Vatican courtyard photos look very familiar to me. It’s possible I have photos of those in one of my travel albums. That circle is weird in an arty way.


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