Zombies in the Sea and Fish Arachnophobia: Not too sure I want to relive this past week


Zombies in the Sea and Fish Arachnophobia: Be very afraid of morphing creatures


It’s the first official week of summer. After a brutal winter, summer is most welcomed.   Some sun and odd vibes float through some of the air. For the life of me I cannot remember specifics of the past week. I seem to recall the weekend going by super quickly to the point that on Monday afternoon I already felt that a whole week had gone by. Looking at my calendar I see that I stated home and worked. I worked non stop, had a delicious fruit tart and worked some more. No wonder last week was a complete blur. How does that happen? How can a week just escape us? Nonetheless, Even if I had a magic wand to be wble to relive or actually live last week, I would not. I must keep propelling myself forward.

In looking back at the past week, I must note that of course, wackiness never stops. And zombies are still the rage and not just on television or with the Centers for Disease Control.  A new dog was crowned “ugliest dog” in the world. He is quite cute in his ugliness, I must say. I would hug him continuously and make sure that his self esteem was doing well. Latest research shows that those with low self-esteem who engage in a ton of self-affirmations may actually do more harm than good to themselves. Thus, before telling the ugliest dog he is great check with his ego first.  This week’s wacky news installment is primarily focused on what the scientific community has brought us this week with a few other traditional wacky items thrown in.   In a week where a set of twin tornados hit, we must understand what science has to stay about our world. Well, sometimes.



Zombies in the sea.  Poor sea stars hanging about in the west coast. There is some mysterious disease that is impacting them turning them into zombies. Yes, that’s right. Well, the disease is actually causing them to drop off limbs-a la zombie. Perhaps a future movie can be in the works of Sharknado meets Zombie Stars?


Arachnophobia. Turns out there is an itsy bitsy spider that can eat a whole fish. Apparently, this type of spider is common in the United Kingdom. Hmm. I guess they live by the motto of “waste not, want not.”


You are what you do. Speaking of spiders. Latest research shows that spiders’ jobs are determined by their personality.  If you are the one that eats the whole fish does that mean you are “the giantslayer”? what does this all mean for humans. I really am starting to get scared of spiders now.


Icky porridge.  I am a “foodie”. I love to eat. Love to eat well. I cannot stomach slimy food. Turns out that food really tastes better when it looks pretty –or at least doesn’t look disgusting. How would you like to have been in that research study?  Take that Anthony Bourdain.   I have no idea why I said that. Just have always wanted to.


Jaws is coming back to haunt you.   In a different vein of research, data points to an upsurge of sharks in the waters.   Something to fear? Researchers say “no.” But what do they know? They spend all their time in the lab.


It’s hard being a superhero these days. Just ask spiderman.   He got into an altercation in Times Square and punched a tourist.   And everyone thinks Batman is the angst-ridden one.


He’s got junk in his trunk. So, television personality Dr. Oz admitted that his peddled products are based on junk science. It took a congressional hearing to bring about such an admission.  Whoa. That’s the actual wacky part. Congress and truth?


If only your ex was a different person. Match-making service is offering a new product. They will find you a love match that looks like your Ex.    What is that about?  Oh, did I mention that they will do this for $5,000 fee.   Do you really want a new love that looks like your Ex?  Why not just date their sibling for free?

There was last week. Relive it? Think not.












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  1. Crazy goings on, Mimi. Especially liked the Spiderman problem report – what a hero! Fish-eating spiders – ugh! What’s with all the spiders this week? Well, Congress finally squeezed the truth out of someone. When will someone squeeze the truth out of Congress? I have no sympathy for Oz. What I am surprised about is that Oprah supported him all these years. Thanks again, for your SUPER reporting. I don’t know what I’d do without you bringing me and all your readers up to date on all the important news every week! 🙂


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