A squiggle up here and a squiggle down there: Positano and Panama City

A squiggle here and a squiggle there: Positano and Panama City

The city of Positano, Italy is just beautifully magnificent. The drive there from Rome is filled with curves galore that transport you to a different period in time.  Going through the little town, you duck under vines and interlaced branches.  The walk is filled with whimsy and thoughts of gelato.






In a totally different part of the world, when you walk the old city streets of Panama City, you come across water, boats and a nice salty humid thick air.  At your feet,  there are all sorts of interesting paths. The muddy waters leaving behind contours that spike the imagination. I couldn’t help but feel that I was part of some science fiction movie landscape where I was on the hunt for a cure. perhaps a cure to ennui.





Inspired by Cee’s Fun Challenge: 

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