Unexpected signs and encounters throughout a business travel roadtrip Down South

Unexpected signs and encounters throughout a business travel roadtrip


The fact that I love road trips is a given.  I have been combing through my Louisiana photos and finding more and more to my delight. In the land where the big easy exists it is easy to forget there is more to Louisiana than New Orleans. Although, admittedly, New Orleans is a delightful universe onto itself.


In this last installment of my New Orleans photo series, here are some fun photos of “unexpected” sightings in my road trip adventure across the diagonal length of Louisiana.


First off, when I think of Louisiana, I think swamps. Therefore I think of things that swim. I had never thought of black bears hanging out in Louisiana.





I always love odd signs near cemeteries.

cemetary no parking


Then you can go to the Paw shop (pawn shop I assume)

paw shop


Then there is the place to get boiled seafood



Then a nice fruit stand at the gas station. I suppose this occurs in many places. I just don’t equate the two.


lousiana fruit stand outside lake charles



Lastly, let’s revisit the other side of the cemetery.

council on aging

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  1. Bears crossing was fun. We have fruit stands at petrol stations here in South Africa, so I’m familiar with that one. But these were fun, thank you.


  2. Mimi, great photos of the “back roads.” I particularly like the one with the “boiled seafoods.” The boats and other vehicles in that junk yard look like they all were “boiled.” Ha. Also, the photo of the “other side of the cemetery” was interesting. Of note, the sign, “Council on Aging.” Quite a statement! The failing sign also will be a resident of the cemetery quite soon, it seems to me.


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