My dinner party list including a Bolivian Soccer Ghost and this week’s weird & wacky news misfits


I am not a big party person. I like to go dancing at the clubs and go to a bar and have a few cocktails. Throwing a party in my house so that people can stomp all over and I have to then clean up afterwards….well, not so much.  I have thrown an Oscar party in the past. I love movie and movie magic and the Oscars are a great way to celebrate the greatness of films. When I threw my Oscar party I was living in a short-term rental furnished apartment in Atlanta. I didn’t mind having people over since the apartment said nothing about me personally. I do like throwing dinner parties which are completely different from traditional party.  A dinner party means that conversation and food are the central components. That I can do well. Or rather, I can really order a few good dishes.


It is spring, though. There should be a party to celebrate the end of this past miserable winter that seemed to never want to go away. If I were to throw a dinner party in celebration of the blooming spring, I would probably invite some of the misfits from this week’s past weird and wacky news items.   Hopefully, while serving up some delightful dishes, we won’t have some weird apparition as that experienced by patrons at a Los Angeles diner on Good Friday.  Maybe they had just come from Colorado, where many private homes are being turned into marijuana bed and Breakfasts.  Seems that the stereotype of stoners being lazy is being challenged by a few.  Anyway, back to my dinner party list for this week.


Selena Gomez. She has dated Justin Bieber several times. She is a singer that has had some body issues. She is best friends with Taylor Swift. She has a lot going on for a 21 year old. Now, after attending Coachella she has become enlightened and believes that she must get rid of the bad influences in her life. What’s a girl to do then? She went ahead and unfollowed all her Instagram buddies, even Taylor. That’s right! When you need a fresh start in life unfollow all those on social media while you still continue to posts photos of your every move for everyone to see.  I definitely would invite her to my dinner party and see if I can get the goods on this whole instagram binge and purge.


Jose Salvador Alvarenga.    Mr. Salvador Alvarenga was lost at sea for a really long, long time. He was missing for 14 months to be exact. When he was found this past January, he was not bone thin. This past week many started to speculate as to how did he not become emaciated.  The big looming question is “what happened to his shipmate”?  I would invite Jose over to my dinner party and see if he will share with Selena some food tips.


Lori Sullenberger.   I just returned from my vacation in Panama where there were many political and social campaigns pushing for more women to become entrepreneurs.  A great cause to see plastered throughout the old city walls.  Ms. Sullenberger seems to have taken to heart the need for more women to be innovative and entrepreneurial.  She was not only hospitalized but she was hospitalized in the intensive care unit (ICU) where she started a small business. She sold heroin from her ICU bed. Hospital officials got suspicious when she appeared to be getting more visitors than usual.  I contemplating opening up my own business and would like to hear what motivated her entrepreneurial spirit.  In that vein of entrepreneurialship, I might also invite 10-year old Chloe Nash-Lowe after she got Mall officials to create a fast and slow lane to help speed up the shopping experience.   Then again, she might just be too precocious to stomach.


Christie Harris.  Handbags are a big deal for many women. When we go out dancing or to a party we need a place to store our money, lipstick, walking shoes and other sundries.  Sometimes, unfortunately, we just do not have enough space in our little cute handbags.  Ms. Harris had a similar problem. She was pulled over by the cops and just didn’t know where to stash her gun.  Poor woman. She did what any woman would be forced to do in that situation.


Ryan Bietz. Some people do get obsessed with celebrities. Mr. Bietz, as one such person, has decided to devote his life to collecting VHS copies of the movie Speed starring Keunu Reeves.   He has already 550 copies. Dare I ask what is the point of this endeavor.  I have no Speed in my house. Therefore, Mr. Bietz will not be receiving an invite to my dinner party.


Antonio Motes-DiazPer Whitney Houston, we all know crack is whack.  Mr. Motes-Diaz, however, felt that crack smoking would bond him further with his neighbor. We all know good neighbors can be hard to find. They smoked some crack and then smoked some more. They then ran out and that’s when Mr. Motes-Diaz brought out the machete. Good times for sure. I actually probably won’t be extending an invite to this warring set of neighbors.  Need to draw the line somewhere.


There you have my guest list for this week’s dinner party: a possible cannibal, a self-loathing celebrity, an entrepreneur and an inappropriate gun-stashing teenager.  Perhaps we can all discuss the likelihood of a ghost being caught on camera during a Bolivian soccer match. If possible I would like to have the ghost over for dinner as well.  Let the festivities and conversation begin.


Inspired by my love of wacky news and the daily prompt


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