As we Travel Bearing Witness with our names on the old walls of Panama City

Panama City has the Casco Viejo which resembles Viejo San Juan in Puerto Rico and Habana Viejo in Cuba. It is a beautiful thriving area that is under immense construction and redevelopment.

Panama City also has Panama Viejo (Old Panama) which is to the eastern part of PanamaCity and was sacked and destroyed centuries ago. It appears to have been a thriving port area that saw riches and multitude of people come through. Then it was destroyed.

Old walls of the city and convents remain. You walk through wondering what could have been.

Many do more than wonder by leaving their imprint and thoughts behind on the old city walls.

Graffitti, marking our territory or noting our presence appears to be a deep-rooted need within us. Our selfies note a moment in time and declare we existed in that moment in time. Our name etchings leave a perhaps eternal note. What will others think when they see our name. Destiny’s Child noted “say my name, say my name when no one is around you.” Etching our names into old city walls ensures someone will say your name even when you are no longer around.


Where have you left your name? What have you born witness to?

Inspired by the weekly photo challenge and my travels


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Chris Breebaart


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