What’s an Easter egg hunt or a beach without a dead body: This week’s weird and wacky news

What’s an Easter egg hunt or a beach without a dead body: This week’s weird and wacky news

 lighthouse in panama

Even thousands of miles away, there is a slew of wacky news for me to stay on top of.  I experienced my own moment of wackiness when I tried to order a mojito cocktail in panama this past Friday. Apparently, no liquor is sold across the country on Good Friday unless you engage in a bit of negotiation.  I will write more about my tasty mojito later on. It is hot and humid in Panama. My hair has decided to not be tame and is frizz galore. I could try to go to London and get a discounted hair cut for those have a bad hair day like Kim Jong-Un.  A London haircut poster is causing a major international spat as Kim Jong-Un does not take too kindly to having his hair made fun of; especially considering he mandated that all men get his same haircut.  I guess that is one way to mitigate a bad haircut and ensuing low self-esteem.   As I ride up the Panama Canal, I leave you with these little odd bites.


Easter egg hunt gone wild.  A woman wanted a special Easter experience for her young child. They did an Easter egg hunt in the backyard. Besides finding eggs, they also found the body of a dead man.   He had been dead for about two weeks.  My question is do Easter egg hunts usually smell like rotten body or eggs?


Nudity on beach gone wrong.  Some cyclists out for a bit of nature got more than they bargained for when bicycling near Ludington, Michigan.  As they biked across the beach, they came across a man who was completely nude on the beach and was also dead. No one seems to know who this guy is. This sounds like a case for Angela Lansbury (Murder she Wrote).


Partying beach animals.   In Norway, a fisherman caught a large cod fish. Yum. As a Puerto Rican, I grew up enjoying very salty cod fish. However, his catch does not seem all that yummy. Inside the belly of his catch, was a semi-digested orange dildo. What is going on in the Norwegian waters?


Luxury sure has its perks.   Italy is a beautiful country. As such any island for sale in Italy must surely be worth the luxurious and outrageous associated costs.  The island of Poveglia, in the Venice lagoon, serves as a place for those with the bubonic plague to go and die.  So many died there that the soil is reportedly 50% human ash.  Does such a sordid history pay for itself?


The opposite of luxury.  We all know that Paris has a bit of a problem with curbing its dogs.   Apparently, certain parts of India have a similar problem with its human inhabitants.  Therefore, a new public service announcement video has been released urging the people to not defecate on the streets. Can we use that the for the NYC subway system as well?


Centipede meets snake.  A nose-horned viper tried to eat a centipede. A feisty centipede that most assuredly went down fighting. The centipede disemboweled the snake from the inside out. Yikes and wow.  The centipede died but I cannot help but be impressed by its will to fight and live.


Is that gold in your belly?  An older Indian man complained of a stomach ache. He went to the hospital and some x-rays were done.  Guess what! He had 12 bars of gold in is belly. Now that is a fire in the belly I could use.


Who’s the daddy?  Who doesn’t find baby animals cute?  Even the fiercest of animals are super cute and cuddly (to a point).  A camel is not really fierce. They do have a bit of an attitude at times and will purse their lips at you if you don’t meet their fancy. Anyway, there is a camel that gave birth recently. The baby is super cute and apparently a bit of a miracle.  The baby mama gave birth with no suitor for over the past year. According to the farmer there have been no males around her for well over a year. Is this an Easter camel miracle?


It’s the season of miracles. There have been quite a few this past week. Cannot wait to see what is next or even what Kepler-186f –our bigger planetary cousin – brings us in the coming weeks and years.



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  1. Kepler-186f: to Mimi
    Just having breakfast and reading your catalogue of death and destruction.
    Sounds like your planet needs to be evacuated -soon. We have rooms.
    Our own haircut is much more suitable than the Kim.
    If you come to visit could you bring some cod and maybe not the centipedes.
    Nanu nanu ! B


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