The early bird gets the worm plus all the extra work

The early bird gets the worm plus all the extra work

I am generally up at the crack of dawn. If I wake up at 7am, I am waking up either an hour too late or it is a sunday. My son appears to have the early bird gene as well. He tends to wake up at 5:30am. Together we are causing quite a ruckus giving the chirping birds a run for their money. Even on vacation, we are up early. We took an early morning Panama Canal trip that entailed us waking up at 5:45am and getting in a cab by 6:20am. Once in the cab, we were busy talking up a storm and snapping hundreds of photos. Yes, we most definitely can handle the early morning routine. The payoff is catching a rising sun in a foreign land. Pretty enthralling as far as “getting the worm”

Before my son was born I would get to work around 7:00am and leave around 6:00pm. I was quite productive in those early hours writing away, answering emails and kicking up a creative brainstorm. Nowadays, because I need to drop him off at school I do not get into the office until about 9:30am. Sadly, that is still about an hour earlier than most of my colleagues. I, have been somewhat cursed with being saddled with colleagues who are most definitely not morning people. It does give me time to settle into my routine without being subjected to endless chatter or questions. Admittedly, even before I get to work, I will have already picked up around the house, fed my son, answered about 20 emails, run the dishwasher, edited 3-4 documents and written a treatise or two. Thus, when 10:30am comes along and my colleagues walk through the office doors, I will be on my third productivity run.

Now based on my work routine, I am not too sure as to what is my worm payoff. I suppose I get some moments of peace and quiet so that I can produce and deliver a good product. I get to scarf down an egg sandwich without having to make idle chit chat. That is surely a plus. At times I will even enjoy a chicken and waffles breakfast quietly.

However, what I have found is that be being an early worm, I often get saddled with all the extra bits. It is not as if I stop working at 3:00pm. The day continues long into the evening. Even on the train ride home, I am busy reviewing documents and answering emails. There have been times when I have even been handling teleconferences on train or walk home. Sadly, no one flinches at the fact that I am taking a business call while walking home. As a matter of fact there are some who act put upon or inconvenienced by the fact that I am taking their call in what would ostensibly be my after work hours. If work is now a 24/7 business does it even pay off to be an early bird? The day is just longer and more encumbered. People are working longer days into the evening expecting that others do so as well. If your day starts at 6:00am when is it considered a “legitimate” time to call it a day?

My DNA is such that I will always wake up early. That way of functioning has clearly been passed down to my son. What I can hope for is that these elongated days have a payoff in terms of more time spent together, an enhanced work product, beneficial consequences for the public and eventually a spot in some hall of fame.

Here is to the early bird and may the worm be worth it.

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  1. I am an early bird, too! Lolol 10:30…that is lunchtime! I hope ur well! I haven’t been on in awhile n look forward to catching up on your blog. 🙂


    • Hey. Where have you been we have missed your posts. I just got back from vacation so im catching up too on reading people’s pages. By the way, yes! 1030 is most definitely lunchtime lol


      • Lolol I have just let the time get away from me…my kids have been busy with after school activities and such…which I am very happy that they are participating in more. Hope to get back into consistent postings. Hope u had a great vacation!!


  2. It’s awful that you still have to stay “late” after you get in early. At my husband’s office there are employees coming in as early as 6:00 am but they leave at 3:00 pm.
    My department would be the opposite of yours. My colleagues get in earlier and most of them are out the door by 5:00, while I get in later and I don’t leave until 8:00, most nights. I send most of my follow up emails at that time, so employees can respond when they get in the next day. By the time I get in the following morning, hopefully all my emails have been read and responded to.
    I definitely function better later in the day. Breakfast at 10 am and lunch maybe at 2 pm. 🙂


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