Creativity in pranks, viruses and retaliation: This week’s weird and wacky news

Creativity in pranks, viruses and retaliation


The past week has been one of high hijinks and wacky pronouncements.  April Fool’s day is a day when we can all tap into our creativity well and dig out some nifty tricks. Google tried out a silly Pokemon April Fool’s joke.  Google Japan also put out a “magic hand” device.  Oh those pranksters!   American Eagle tried to prank the shopping public with a newly introduced dog clothing line called American Beagle. The joke was on them in a way, however, when the public liked it so much that they demanded it be a real product line. We have heard that necessity is the mother of invention. Apparently, April fool’s jokes are now the wacky aunt of invention. This past year I didn’t pull any pranks. I was a bit too tired to do so. Although, my family, and in particular, my mother, love April fool’s pranks. I will leave my need for a creativity outlet to that of storytelling and rounding up the wacky and sometimes creative individuals (and suspects) of the past week.


Wacky creative STD.   Talk about love bites. I am not too big on the story of Peter Pan. However, my understanding is that Jiminy Cricket is the character of conscience. In the 1950s–’70s, Jiminy Cricket was used in so-called grade school educational films where he helped children understand how to steer clear of dangerous traffic, sharp objects, strangers, exposed electrical lines, and so forth. So, the news that a virus that infects crickets during copulation that also makes them want to have more sex is pretty funny. Supposedly, this newly discovered virus doesn’t just make crickets want to insatiably mate, it also leads to them being unable to reproduce. Hmm. Is this an April fool’s joke turning the voice of conscience into, well, you know….At the end of the day it’s a pretty creative virus.


Smelly poop.   I admit I used to watch the television show called Friends. On it was the character of Phoebe who sang ridiculously outlandish songs. One such song was “smelly cat.”  Which I am reminded of by this week’s wacky story surrounding smelly poop. Archeologists digging about in Denmark, in the Medieval town of Odense to be exact discovered some 700-year old barrels of poop that were very well preserved. Yah for science! Bad for the olfactory system. My mom, used to play elaborate hoaxes on April Fool’s Day and once such prank was related to steak and poop smell. That’s where I will leave that at. She would have had a field day with this Danish poop discovery.


Rat video is not a prank. I repeat the rate video is NOT a prank. A Dunkin Donuts shopper shot a video in New York City that went viral. Many thought it was an April Fool’s prank. Alas, sadly, it was not. I am going to preface this story by saying I am a die-hard New Yorker. But even I don’t eat at fast food eateries here. Here is the story: there were rats running and rummaging about the storefront window and food bins. Can we say a big: ick! Unfortunately, hardly ever are these stories pranks. The rats are quite resourceful and creative in this town. Next.


Rat retaliation. In a more creative use of rats, a woman angry at another woman over a man, released a bunch of white rats in her “competitor’s” house after bashing her windows in. She assembled a posse and went bats and rats in hand. We know that scientists do experiments with white rats because they are cheap, easy to keep and plentiful thus ensuring statistical validity. I would be curious to know if this woman rampage and the use of white rats was just an elaborate April Fool’s scientific lab experiment.


Mom prank gone wrong. My mom used to do so many pranks on us growing up. Fortunately, we never had to call the cops as a result. Angela Timmons was not so lucky. She works at a college in Virginia and she decided to prank her daughter by sending her a text that read “hear gun shots being fired inside the school.” Sadly, these days in the United States, we take such a text as a very real part of our possible realities. Her daughter did what any dutiful child would. She called the police who then rushed to the campus and eventually arrested Angela Timmons for a false report. Reports of shots being fired at school, military base, movie theatre, or office space are just not funny anymore, if they ever were. So, if you are feeling creative in your pranking take those off your list.


Stowaway acts are so passé.   A 64 year old out in California has an extreme fondness for the San Francisco Airport that she constantly is trying to stow away and is repeatedly arrested. She is persistent and constantly on the look-out for a way to get passed the security gates. She was recently found with a discarded boarding pass. She apparently has cancer and wants to go somewhere warm. Perhaps she can do an indiegogo campaign?


Nope that is really a dead body.   Ronald Benjamin was a desk clerk at an apartment complex in Florida. He was on a smoke break when he came across what he thought was a look-a-like mannequin of a tenant. He picked up the mannequin and threw it into the dumpster. Problem was it was the actual corpse of the tenant.  He had thought that the mannequin was an April Fool’s joke. Eek. Well, that is something my mom would have tried: I mean throwing a mannequin onto the ground. She was a bit dark in her pranks.  Poor Ronald Benjamin was fired as a result of not being able to discern a mannequin from a corpse. Where is that training class?


Never leave the toilet seat up. Really. We train our little boys from a young age to remember to put the seat back down. Here is a concrete reason why. A burglar and murdered stopped to use the bathroom and left the toilet seat up in the murdered nun’s house. Ooops. Some people noted the likelihood of the nun leaving the seat up and decide to dust it for prints. They eventually tracked the killer down. Talk about creative crime scene investigation (CSI) work.


Dog on the hot seat.   A dog was brought into the courtroom to testify in his owner’s murder trial. He was brought in to identify the killer. Can I just note only in France could this occur? That is most definitely a creative way of pursing justice in the courtroom.


911 calls appear to be pranks year-round. So, some Scottish police have had it with the number of wacky calls they receive each year. They have decided to take to twitter to engage in a series of shametweets. On April Fool’s day, they released a list of the stupidest calls they have received.



There you have it. This week’s creative and at times, not-so-smart crimes, pranks and science. If you are feeling a little down this coming week now that the good-old pranks are done, note that a special sky event will be occurring next week. A blood moon will be coming. Perhaps that will stir further creative sparks in our beings. Perhaps I will even do a little dance and then tell a little story about it.


Inspired by April Fool’s Day and the Daily Prompt of Express Yourself

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