On the threshold of becoming a big boy: Put your hands up


All my little four year old boy could do for the first two weeks in June was sing:

Hands up, baby, hands up,
Gimme your heart, gimme, gimme your heart
Gimme gimme
Hands up, baby, hands up,
Gimme your heart, gimme, gimme your heart
Gimme gimme
All your love,
All your love.

He was to perform it at his graduation ceremony from pre-kindergarten. He would be entering kindergarten in September.  Although he did not quite know what that meant. He did know it was something grand. He knew he would no longer be my “little baby.” he was going to be a big boy.

Thus, he performed the song on stage with vigor and quite rational exuberance. Because of his enthusiasm he was placed center-stage. And perform he did!  Catch him extending his arms up in the air. That arm movement signaled how he was right on the cusp of becoming a big boy.

hands up

Upon finishing the set, they exited the stage right and walked right past the little kids’ chairs that they had just vacated and moved up from.

the empty chairs

There is nothing more magical than seeing a kid grow before your eyes and stand before each of life’s threshold with excitement and wonder.

If only we could keep that vigor and excitement for all our lives.

Inspired by the photo challenge of threshhold

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