Ten Truths and a Few Lies in Accepting the Shine On Spirit Award Nom: Who Am I?

I don’t know if this occurs in the corporate training world, but in non-profits, almost all trainings start off with an icebreaker. These can run the gamut from telephone game to unraveling a big ball of twine with your fellow training comrades-in-arms. These are meant to build rapport so that people can eventually feel comfortable asking questions and learning from each other.  You know, as adults, we need our experiences validated in learning sessions and nothing validates it more than a silly game that supposedly provides insight into your psyche. Let me dial this back. I think I sound a bit anti icebreaker.  Icebreakers aren’t meant to just embarrass one although considering the type of ice breakers that are out there, you’ve got to wonder. I have been wanting to blog about icebreakers for a while and today I was given said opportunity.

So, I was nominated for the Shine On -spirit award on WordPress by Annie whose blog is called Experiment in Trying. Annie, is somewhat new to the blogosphere, but she has taken it by storm and with zest as she is “a big dreamer”. And isn’t that what this blogosphere world is all about? Big dreams with a mighty keyboard, that’s us-all of us. I’ve enjoyed her posts and witty back and forths and am honored that she would nominate me for an award.  Now do note that I’m a bit of a curmudgeon  and thus award nomination posts are not so much my thing.  However, I am also sentimental and not-so humble (I am sassy I have been told).  In the past I have not written posts about my nominations. I was grateful back then but was a bit lazy and a bit snarky. I apologize herein for ignoring past award nominations. Please accept my apologies for I did not know what I was doing then. However, I do assert the right to be sassy and silly in both current  and possible future nomination acceptances.

With that said, you may be wondering why I started off talking about ice breakers. Well, you see, as part of the award nomination (pay-it-forward process) you need to provide seven bits of truths (I think I added the emphasis on bits) and also note 15 other bloggers.

Thus, in the vein of one of my favorite (read tolerable) icebreakers, here are 11 items about me: seven are true (or have some truthiness to it) and four are false (or not so real). Feel free to guess which is which.

  1. I can probably eat ten boxes of cherry heads in one sitting and not be ill
  2. My favorite song at the moment is Superman by Santagold
  3. I love Peppermint Patties
  4. I have been to and stayed in ALL but 7 US states
  5. I am actually a psychologist
  6. I have watched the movie Titanic 10 times
  7. I love snow; Can’t get enough of it.
  8. I used to extradite criminals to/from foreign countries
  9. My favorite Sonic the Hedgehog character is Blaze
  10. I hate San Francisco
  11. I am a terrible driver

As for other bloggers? I love the blogosphere. I have found that almost everyone is very supportive and interactive. I must say it does feel like a community which completely floored me. I guess the community sort of forms around our blog topics. However, as I am a bit of a Jill of all Trades, while my posts have a common psychological nuance to them, they are all over the place ranging from poetry to travelogues to workplace commentary to political diatribes to random love letters to food….You get it. Thus, my blogosphere community is all over the place as well.

It is actually hard to pick 15 to list. However, since I have several more award posts to write sometime in the next few weeks, I will get to highlight all my favorite bloggers  as I go forward.  I am not too sure about whether I am to list blogs that I enjoy or whether I am supposed to nominate.  And whether I am to nominate blogs with certain characteristics in mind. Considering that this blog post is already different from most other posts in the vein of a spirit award I am just going to list other blog sites and I expect nothing further. No need to pay it forward. Oh boy. Will I get kicked out of the club now?

Here I go. In the list below, I have poets, photographers, fellow curmudgeons and brainiacs. I also have a new blog collaborator, an old blogging partner and my life partner. One of the bloggers below provided the very first comment on my blog, another one of the nicest comments on one of my freshly pressed posts and another  provided my 1000th  comment. Some of these bloggers are starting out and others are long-timers.  Some are fellow activists; and others are fellow dog lovers. Some share my travel bug, others my sense of humor. And other bloggers are just really good, kind-hearted people . Well, maybe I should say all of them are good people?

I won’t say who is who.   Like Frank Sinatra, who although having been born in New Jersey had the New York ‘tude, I did it my way   Ah, well just enjoy.

  1. Living on a Slippery Slope
  2. The First Gates
  3. Set your paths straight
  4. Sounds like Orange
  5. Dianne Johnston
  6. Greg Urbano
  7. Carolina Pereira Alcorta
  8. Esoterx
  9. Joeyfullystated
  10. Waiting for a boat to come
  11. The Political and Social Chaos
  12. Ina Vuvic
  13. Toemail
  14. Airports Made Simple
  15. Drshyamalavatsa

Thank you all out there for your continued support and may we have many more posts to go back and forth on.  Cheers!

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  1. Congratulations on your nomination.

    The idea of icebreakers isn’t bad, they can be useful in some situations. However, the problem is it can feel forced especially if you don’t feel like doing it or associating with others.

    One of your icebreaker items I do agree with and another one is open to interpretation. I won’t say which ones. 😉


    • thanks. haha. lol. Love your response 🙂
      I am going to a business trip tomorrow to help facilitate a forum so we shall see what type of icebreaker will be appropriate there. I’m thinking twine 😉


      • Have a safe trip. I say if you’re going to do an icebreaker, might as well have one that is memorable.


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