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Hope will be closed

I peered through the window  Caught a yellow light I longed to stand in its warmth Caught a wave of nostalgia I borrowed deeply-sold feelings Caught a glimpse of fake perfection I wanted to feel the imitation life Caught a case of the reality blues I smelled the […]

A storm is brewing

It’s coming It’s swelling up from within It will seep through the pores The hubris gangrene The bitterness sweet The sadness calming There is no joy In what’s to come But come it must The storm is coming Take no shelter For there is no hiding Face the reality […]

Wish I had a ukulele 

Many moons ago I learned to play the clarinet. It’s not a bad instrument. It’s great for jazz. But I wasn’t into jazz at that point in time. Plus, I was asthmatic. Blowing into the clarinet left me winded. What had I been thinking? I played it for […]