Tag: micro story

There goes the lightning

A flash of insight into the world. A flash of inspiration tickling her toes. It was an awesome feeling that she couldn’t tuck away. She didn’t want to. But she knew she had to. Everything had to be held close to the vest. Not a single ounce of […]

And, she wanted more and more

It was delicious. Every single bite. Every crumb. She felt satisfied. Complete. It was a wonderful feeling. And, she wanted more and more. She often denied herself the small pleasures in life in order to fulfill others. But today she wanted to fill full and energized. Today she […]

Speaking truth

She stood rooted in her spot wondering what her truth was and where she could find it. She stared at the hats wanting to pick a random one and be transported immediately elsewhere. She felt traumatized. She felt pain. She wanted to run. She felt everything and nothing […]

She stood rooted in her spot day after day

An empty wonderland. Everything was still. Unmoving. Unyielding. Sadness air droplets. Somber. Wishing for more. Wondering how to push things through across the finish line. She stood rooted in her spot day after day wondering the same thoughts. Everything was on repeat. A badly broken jukebox. She wanted […]