Category: poetry

Somethings gotta give

I have reached my wall Tired, more tired and then some My bones don’t know whether they are coming or going My mind can’t process anymore jibberish Into a ditch I will fall My face feverishly numb I am all but a drawing My qualms havs become cartoonish […]

The abyss is calling

She wants to fall deep into the abyss Fall deeply into the dark While the sirens sing away Fade away Fade away The darkness is coming She has longed for it for days The reprieve has been given Fade away Fade away It had all gone amiss Now there […]

My head is crammed

Took in too much information Its been a smogarsboard Its been an endless buffet Time to rest the mind Time to halt my thoughts A respite A respite Facts swimming in brain folds The neck veins are popping My words are jaw-dropping Time to rest the mind A […]