Category: poetry

Life is one big dare

Oppressive yet comforting Sleepy-eyed and awake A tender breeze gone too quickly Giggling echoes reverberate in the air The answers will come Be patient and wait for more Laughing while crying The candles go on the cake Life goes on too briskly Life is one big dare The […]

He is all but a whim

He is everywhere Every room carries his spirit Blindly reaching through the air Fingering his signature There was life before him It existed but not readily remembered He is everything And I nothing, without him With him, there is no despair His love,  a runny spigot Feel the […]

It’s all peachy Mr Freud

It’s all peachy It is all a dream. A soft peachy dream of floating creatures that mesmerize one into a deep, deep sleep. To sit and stare off into the void flittering away one’s sorrows. A softened scream swallowed by the calm waters’ sweep. What is on your […]

Binding the brain to desire

Aching teeth arching forward Gnashing another sugary cane The pain reverberates The longing is stronger Wanting the bad despite knowing what’s good Need a reason to swim shoreward Erase the sodded footprints from the plains The brain barrier will perforate Till it is no longer Wanting the bad […]

What am I?

I’m odd and fuzzy Curly and straight Tired yet energized Skeptical but filled with faith Even-keeled and erratic Swimming yet still Ocean deep bobbing at the surface On display while hidden   Do you know who I am? Junniper Jasmine Jasione Jasper