With Care: A moment in time in a travel paradise

The Big Island

The Big Island

As I sat for a moment to take in the beauty surrounding I became captivated by the women in deep contemplation. She had been staring into the waters for what seemed to be hours. She seemed like she was on the verge of some life changing moment.

Then the children came by. One carefully helping the other navigate his steps. I was mesmerized by them thinking of how lovely childhood can be at times. The beauty of having that helping handle as one learns to step out on one’s own.

All together this scene calms me in my chaotic world of wild thoughts.

A view to take in

A small helping hand to grow

Together we live

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  1. Thanks, Mimi. I was looking at some photos of my kids when they were smaller today to post on the blog and was struck by their inquisitive glances and explorations of those little things on the beach, on the footpath. It can be frustrating when you’re trying to get somewhere but so precious!


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