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I love to travel, try new foods (both simple and "exotic"), ingest caffeine, and watch political news coverage. Im a big pop culture junkie who isnt afraid to say she loves "In Touch" Magazine! A social marketing expert and psychologist by training who works in the public health field trying to bring a little common sense to it all.
All the world is my television and I like to provide commentary on it.

An unsustainable breaking point

This morning I received an inbox advertisement for Microsoft Cloud which noted it was good for sustainability. That word sustainability caught my eye. Everything these days is about sustainability or so say millions of people. If something is sustainable it is able to be maintained at the current […]

Same as it ever was

Today went by in a blur. But not a good blur. It was a headache-filled, cold-bones blur punctuated by sharp metaphorical body blows and annoyances. Usually when things go by in a blur, the day doesn’t sting as much. As I navigated the fog, I kept singing the […]