That’s too wide a salary range

When I first heard that New York, followed by California, would now require salary transparency I was hopeful. I thought it was a good move. I believe nothing hurts a company worse than lack of transparency. And, it starts with recruitment.

When I interview candidates, I give them them the full story and ask them how afraid they are of taking on the position, warts, and all. Most people either don’t fully believe the painted picture or they do and run away. Ghosting is not just for romantic or otherwise personal relationships.

On the other side of the hiring equation is the posting of salaries. Now, some companies have complied fully and list the true compensation. No games. That’s good. You can make an informed decision as to whether you even wish to apply. It makes the process better for everyone.

However, sometimes it’s too wide of a salary range. And, it can be quote ridiculous. Look at the two postings below. I don’t think I even need to say anymore.

With such a huge salary range, they are just casting a wide net and may not get who they really need. Let’s make sure we keep on narrowing that salary range.

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  1. Hehe Dear Miriam THere is Literally

    No Amount of Money Anyone Could

    Offer me Where i Would Leave the

    Job i Am Doing in Play Now

    Free For Pay For It’s

    True in Most Every

    Case We Have to Sell

    Our Soul To Someone

    Else Along The Way ThiS WaY

    Other Than That Enough Money

    Is Enough Money When THere is

    Nothing Else to Buy Except Free Play With SMiLes..:)


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