I found my mitten: Perhaps a good omen for a happy new year

I’m a strangely sentimental person when it comes to gifts. Even little tiny knickknacks that may seem like giveaways from someone are things I treasure and keep. When it seems like I may have lost a gift, such as a pair of earrings, I have been known to get distraught. I search, fret, and mourn lost gifts.

This past week, I lost one of my mittens. They are very cute and so me. They are pink and purple and exude whimsy. They were a gift. The problem is that even when really cold outside, I don’t really like wearing gloves or mittens. I stuff them in my coat pocket, just in case. That’s what I did last week. Then, one day, I came home and noticed one was missing. The horror. I searched and searched. Yet, I felt a sense of calm. At the back of my head, I had a feeling that I would find them.

Then, today, I went for a neighborhood walk. And, then I circled back to look at an exercise machine someone had put out on the sidewalk for someone to take for free. As I went back for that mavhone, I walked down a street I hardly ever walked on. Then, on a fence, I saw a mitten sticking out. It was my mitten. I assume someone picked it up somewhere and placed it on the fence, hoping its owner would find it. And, indeed I did. A full week later, I came across my mitten.

I’m a very superstitious person. I took this as an omen. A good sign of things that are to come for the new year. I have to believe. And, I also did get the exercise machine. A win/win I surely hope.

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