Things I got tired of in 2022


George Santos

Liars, overall

Flight delays and cancelations

Paying $4 more than last year for coke zero

Cancel culture from all sides

Lazy people

Kim kardashian


Sweets (I never thought that would happen)

Being tired

Mediocre new movies

The wordle craze

Gaslighting: the word, the actions, and the gaslighting of gaslighting

Kanye West

Breaking news that broke a day before

Rising crime

Bad habits that die hard

Those who are purposefully silent when they know they should speak up

Potato chips just because they vex me

Hyperbole and lack of camaraderie

Those who do not understand that things have changed


Twitters death

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  1. SMiLes Dear Miriam

    Human Nature Never

    Fails And Yes Fails Hehe

    to Surprise me the Last

    Years Since 2016 And the Falling

    of America Has Been Sad to See

    Yet Karma Was
    Ours to Eventually

    Reap As We Surely

    Have no Backbone

    To Stand With This
    Way For Past Misdeeds

    The Pendulum Swings

    Perhaps Some LiGHT WiLL
    Come Back Yet It’s True i See And
    Hear all of This From Heaven Within

    And in my Own personal Feathered Nest
    of A Garden of Eden For Real What was Once

    So Difficult for me as Part of the Whole Ragged Rat Race

    Is all effortless
    ease now as
    the rest of the
    World Here was
    Partially Sinking i
    Continued to Rise as

    i Already Fell and Failed
    Before Indeed i Did my Time

    Now Time Doesn’t Exist And
    New Years And Old Years Are of No Consequence to me

    Of Course As Long As the Rest of US continue to Float Without

    SiNKinG of Course

    i Am no Fool i Realize
    How Long Materially Reduced Life Floats…

    Yawn Fully SaiLeD i Remain in Coldest Freezes Warm

    As When i Dance and Sing my Finger Tips Are Lighter

    Than All the
    Weight of
    my 111 Kilograms iNDeeD

    Yawn As “The Police” Used to Dance
    Sing “SPiRiTS iN The Material World” Far More Real Than Avatars

    Yes True New Now i am A Real ‘Ghost in The Machine’ With SMiLes..:)


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