Inflation is cramping my coke zero style

I’ve been binging all week the television show Only Murders in Building. I don’t get the title. I mean, I know several murders occurred in the apartment building. But the title seems off. This is, however, besides the point. Unless, if you get the title structure, please let me know.

Let’s move on to my main point; which is inflation. I don’t like the word. I don’t like what’s it is doing to us. I feel it personally, perhaps in an odd way. But, before I dive into that, let me circle back to the television show. On Only Murders in Building, Mable states “Two hundred dollars on the Upper West Side will just get me a bagel and a soy latte.” So, so true. New York has always been expensive. However, it has seen exhorbitant rises in prices this past year. Look, I don’t drive. I’m a true New Yorker. I’ve never known a reason to learn to drive. Thus, gas prices don’t hit me like orhers in the country. However, let’s talk about the price of Coke Zero; my favorite soft drink.

I love Coke Zero. But not this recent blue can drink. Yuck. The original Coke Zero is delicious. I love it souch that my executive assistant had a bakery make a red velvet cake in the likes of Coke Zero. I loved that moment so much. Especially, because my assistant died soon after of a rare cancer. Thus, that Coke Zero cake has so much meaning to me. But, I’m not here today to grieve or talk about cancer. Yet, I have digressed.

Let me get straight to it (finally). Last year, a 12 pack of Coke Zero cans cost me $4.99. This year, that same 12 pack costs $8.99 at a minimum. That is inflation in a nutshell. I’ve learned to cut back on it. That may actually beneficial health-wise. Yet, I’m not loving that. What more can I say? We all make choices as to what is important to us. And, we sometimes act accordingly. I love my bad habit. It’s tasty two. I will keep buying it for now. But I may be soon looking into some other alternatives. Although, I’d rather be a spokesperson on its behalf.

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  1. I don’t drink soda often, but when I do, I prefer Coke Zero. It pairs well with popcorn(while you are watching Only Murders In Building[which I have not watched yet]). I recently bought a Coke Zero 10 pack, 7.5 oz cans(the “shrinkflation” factor ) from Aldi for just under $5. I don’t know if there are Aldis in NYC, but there is one that recently came to our suburb and I love them! Once you learn your way around one, you might never go back to a regular grocery store. It is a great way to save money and if you are an organic shopper, they also have some of that to offer as well.

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