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Ice cream in winter is the best

I don’t like waffle cones. Not one bit. However, it smells divinely. It’s tempting until I remember the taste. I’m not a big ice cream fan. Admittedly, ice cream can on ocassion lead to belly aches and worse. Oh my.

Yet, in the winter I tend to forget all these problems. You see. Ice cream is at it’s best in the winter. When the weather outside is frightful and possibly snowing, I crave ice cream. More often than not I want an ice cream sandwich.

Some people might say ice cream in tne winter is a big no-no as one should be focusing on warming the body. Soup is often desired in the winter, as a result. However, thete is something to ice cream staying firm when you bite into it during the winter. I like that it doesn’t readily melt. You can take your time with ice cream in the winter and savor it.

While I’m not a fan of a cold, winter day. I would happily have some ice cream to make such a day less bitter.

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