They were going to turn rust into gold from love

It was going to be an exciting new world for them. It all looked old, word down, and maybe even decrepit. However, it was now theirs. What a lovely word to use. Theirs.

That pile of tires. Theirs. The rusted doors. Theirs. And, the future was bright. They were going to turn rust into gold from love. That’s living a shared dream.

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  1. “Turning Rust into
    Gold From Love”

    That’s What my
    Wife Says When
    i Crawl Out of the
    Tiny Civic Like “Fred Sanford”

    After Public Dancing Hours
    On End Free on A Wing Trivia

    Note too:

    Regarding the Classic
    TV Show “Sanford And Son”

    Red Foxx Started
    That Show at Age
    50, A Full 11 Years
    Younger Than me Hehe!

    And Don’t Forget Colonel
    Sanders The Fried Chicken King

    Was About to Commit Suicide

    At Age 65 As He Thought

    Himself a Total

    Failure in

    His Life and Turned
    it All Around Selling
    His Fried Chicken Door-to-Door

    Next Thing Ya Know, Billionaire at 88, HAha

    i’m Gonna Do Something Like that too; Yet without the Money!


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