I’m over Uber

This is a sad post for me to write. I used to be a big fan. But now, I’m beyond annoyed. I am over Uber. Now, mind you I rely on Uber for a lot. I don’t drive. Never have. I didn’t even drive when I lived in Atlanta and Los Angeles. And, those two are for sure “car cities”. As a result, I have a lot of Uber reward points. You would think they would treat me better. Or anyone else for that matter. But they don’t.

First off, their prices are no longer more competitive than taxis. Every other second they have a price surge. Sometimes, a trip that should at most be $12 gets priced at $32. That’s not going to work. Then, more often than not Lyft is going to be $20 less for the same trip. Mind you, as a car-share driver, I don’t know which treats its drivers better. That might be a different story.

Then, even though I always tip 20%, my rating has been incrementally going down. I’m a good passenger, I tip well, and often it’s long trips. Hence, I’m someone that is more profitable to drive. Or so I would think. But these days if you don’t get out of the car fast enough you get downgraded. Come on. I wonder if they feel badly after seeing my 20% tip.

Here’s one that is a bit contradictory. Because of these ca share rides services, there are way too many cars on the road now. Traffic is even worse. I know it’s weird to complain about this. I’m a frequent user. I contribute to that in some ways. However, I do not have a car. Nor will I ever. In either case New York traffic is beyond horrid these days. In part because people don’t want to use the subway so much these days.

It’s a mighty pickle we find oursrlves in.

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  1. No car payments ever?! Wow, that is great!! What is it with Uber – you get downgraded for not disembarking quickly enough? Do they time you? Maybe they should just install ejection seats, and just shoot you out of the car. Exactly who is supposed to providing a service? I feel like most companies think they are doing us a “big” favor for providing us with their “services” and then charging us more and more, and treating us less and less civilly.


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